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JCP Members

Click to see a current list of Java User Group JCP Members.

Below is a list of all current JCP Members, comprised of companies, organizations and individuals, organized alphabetically. Individuals appear in the list sorted by last name. Please click any letter below for a listing of all Members whose names begin with that letter:

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C2B2 Consulting
CA Technologies
Cable Television Laboratories, Inc
Cabrera, Eudris
Caetano de Andrade, Gilberto
Caetano, Willyan
Campinas JUG
Canoo AG
Caputo, Frank
Carl, Natasha
Carleto, Diogo
Carolan, Tom
Carpenter, Vinny
Carvalho, Daniel
Catholic University Luis Amigo
Caucho Technology, Inc
Ceara Java User Group
Central Ohio Java Users Group
Cespedes Morales, Andres
Chakraborty, Saibal
Chan, Sunny
Chandravanshi, Girijesh
Chang, Bongjae
Chapman, Bruce
Chauhan, Vishal
Chawla, Naveen
Chee, Wei-Meng
Chen, Chico
Cherkas, Dzmitry
Chestnutt, Dave
Chicago Java Users Group
Chona, Hilmer
Choong, Siong-Loong
Chopra, Vivek
Chowdhury, Mukit
Christodoulou, Ioannis
Chronicle Software
Chuang, Johnson
Cisco Systems
Colebourne, Stephen
Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLC
Comelli, Leonardo
Cominotti Marques, Danilo
Comunidade Java Grude4J
Connecticut Java User Group
Conrado, Rafael
ConSol GmbH
Conygre Consultants
Coomans, Jaap
Coria, Mauricio
Corrales Serrano, Miguel Angel
Coudyzer, Tom
Credit Suisse
Cretesoft Limited
Cuprak, Ryan
Curdt, Torsten
Curran, Patrick
Cyber Inc