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The 13th JCP Annual Awards

The Java Community Process (JCP) program celebrates success. Members of the community nominate worthy participants, Spec Leads, and Java Specification Requests (JSRs) in order to cheer on the hard work and creativity that produces ground-breaking results for the community and industry in the Java Standard Edition (SE), Java Enterprise Edition (EE), or Java Micro Edition (ME) platforms.

The community gets together every year at the JavaOne conference to applaud in person the winners the JCP Annual Awards. This year we have four award categories: JCP Member/Participant of the Year, Outstanding Spec Lead, Most Significant JSR and Outstanding Adopt-a-JSR Participant. This year's unveiling will occur Monday evening, October 26, at the Annual JCP Community Party held at Hilton San Francisco Union Square.

With great appreciation, now for the 13th year, the community recognizes the award nominees, listed below, with their nomination justifications.

JCP Member/Participant of the Year
  • Arjan Tijms (Zeef)

    Arjan has been very active and provides great input into many expert groups including Java EE, JSF and Java EE Security. He also actively evangelizes Java EE. He is a great example of what we should expect from an individual in the JCP and deserves to be recognized.

  • Adam Bien * Winner *

    Adam has consistently been part of key Java EE JSRs and consistently helps evangelize them in the community. In fact it would not be inaccurate to say that Adam is the highest profile evangelist for Java EE and the JCP. We should recognize Adam for his continued contributions.

  • Ivar Grimstad

    Ivar is a newcomer to the JCP but is already leaving his mark. Most notably as a member of the MVC specification he has been putting a lot of effort towards evangelizing it in addition to Java EE generally. We should encourage Ivar by recognizing his efforts.

  • David Blevins (Tomitribe)

    David has long been a strong supporter of the JCP in many Java EE related JSRs and continues his sincere hard work. He has also long been a strong advocate of Java EE in the community. We should recognize David for his contributions.

  • Alex Soto

    Alex has jumped into the JSON-P EG and in a few weeks, he became the most active (non Oracle) EG member for this JSR. He has also contributed part of the RI. Alex also does a lot of evangelism for 'his' JSR (JUGs, Devoxx, JavaOne, etc.).

Outstanding Spec Lead
  • Anatole Tresch * Winner *

    Anatole has successfully seen the Money & Currency API, JSR 354, to completion. In doing so, he has collaborated extensively with his Expert Group members as well as the broader Java community by actively participating in many hack days and hackergartens around the word, and speaking at numerous developer conferences.

  • Manfred Riem and Santiago Pericas-Geertsen

    Despite the resource and scheduling challenges in Java EE 8 JSRs, Santiago and Manfred have made steady progress in the JSR 370, MVC 1.0 specification. They have also successfully engaged a number of folks from the community in the specification and RI.

  • Antoine Sabot-Durand

    Antoine has made solid and fast progress in the key CDI specification. He has an ambitious set of technical goals, runs an open community and operates extremely transparently. We should recognize Antoine as a measure of encouragement.

  • Greg Luck, Brian Oliver and Cameron Purdy

    After an extended development process, Greg, Brian and Cameron successfully led JSR 107, JCACHE - Java Temporary Caching API, to completion and in the year since final release have five compatible implementations listed on

Most Significant JSR
  • JSR 365, Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI) 2

    CDI has long been a key enabler for Java EE and an important specification to the community. CDI 2 is a very timely major investment in the specification. The CDI 2 specification is also moving steadily forward with its ambitious technical goals in a completely transparent fashion.

  • JSR 371, Model View Controller (MVC) 1.0

    MVC is attempting to standardize a very mature space with strong non-standard competitors. The specification also needs to contend with the strong JSF ecosystem. So far the spec leads have done a great job of creating traction behind the specification and community excitement. MVC 1.0 give us an action based MVC based on REST, is so helpful and easy to learn. This is the end of JSF vs Spring MVC battle. Now we'll have two MVC frameworks, standards and both are great.

  • JSR 363, Units of Measurement API * Winner *

    It's the first JSR targeted to help with the Internet of Things, tackling sensor readings from edge devices and measurements in a standard way. Made to work on multiple environments, both Java ME 8 Embedded and Java SE makes it versatile across a large number of platforms and devices. JSR 363 is also the first and so far only JSR other than the core Java ME 8 JSR 361 (MEEP) utilizing optionality and modularity towards both a minimal footprint on very small devices and a Java 9 / Jigsaw compliant future.

  • JSR 354, Money and Currency API

    As one of the few "domain driven" JSRs it helped solve problems like consistent monetary representation, rounding or formatting amounts in areas that had long been unresolved by the JDK. As well as exchange rate providers for the most important institutions making rates available or specialized FX providers that are now able to offer their rates and services in a standard compliant manner. Most importantly, JSR 354 seems the only JSR so far to offer a dual-platform RI for Java 8 and older versions at the same time when it went Final.

Outstanding Adopt-a-JSR Participant
  • Josh Juneau/Chicago JUG

    Josh has done a great job engaging with Java EE 8 specifications and evangelizing the Adopt-a-JSR program itself. This is both within the Chicago JUG but also in the broader community. His efforts should be recognized as encouragement to him and others.

  • Olena Syrota and Oleg Tsal-Tsalko/Ukraine JUG

    Contributing to JSR 367 test code-base (, promoting 'Adopt a JSR' and JSON-B spec at JUG UA meetings ( and also at JavaDay Lviv conference (

  • Anakar Parida/JUG Hyderabad

    Anakar helped through Adopt-a-JSR with JSR 363 and related Units of Measurement projects. Especially UoM-Tools to import and sync Unit data like CLDR (in this case helping apply JSR 353/374 JSON-P he also adopted these 2 JSRs) or a Fitbit client for Units of Measurement utilizing the Agorava Project and with it CDI, JAX-RS, JSON and other standards like OAuth.

  • Rajmahendra Hegde/JUG Chennai * Winner *

    JUG Chennai been the first JUG from India to Adopt-a-JSR and have been contributing in the program as a Community over the last four years. They've been part of Adopt Java EE 7, Java Money and Currency and Unit of Measurement JSR. They also serve as Expert Group Members in JSR 354, Money and Currency API, JSR 363, Units of Measurement API and JSR 365, Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java 2.0. Apart from core JSR contribution, the Chennai JUG also participates in regular JSR review program, Hackergartens and contributed to many open source projects.

Description of the JCP Award Categories

JCP Member/Participant of the Year - This award recognizes the corporate or individual member (either Member or Participant) who has made the most significant positive impact on the community in the past year. Leadership, investment in the community, and innovation are some of the qualities that EC Members look for in voting for this award.
Outstanding Spec Lead - The role of Spec Lead is not an easy one, and the person who takes that responsibility must be, among other things, technically savvy, able to build consensus in spite of diverse corporate goals, and focused on efficiency and execution. This award recognizes the person who has brought together these qualities the best in the past year, in leading a JSR for the Java community (Java SE, Java EE or Java ME).
Most Significant JSR - Specification development is key to the success of the JCP program and helps ensure we remain a fresh and vibrant community. This award recognizes the Spec Lead and Expert Group that have contributed (either in progress or final) the most significant JSR for the Java community (Java SE, Java EE or Java ME) in the past year.
Outstanding Adopt-a-JSR Participant - This award recognizes the Java User Group (JUG) that has made the most exemplary contribution through the Adopt-a-JSR program in the past year. The London Java Community and SouJava initiated, and are thereby implicitly recognized, in this effort for JUGs around the world to become more involved in the work of JSRs. Innovation, community engagement and technical impact are some of the characteristics that EC Members look for in voting for this award.

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