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Java Community Process (JCP) Program, version 2.5

Java Community ProcessSM (JCP) Program, version 2.5

The Java Community ProcessSM (JCPSM) Program Management Office (PMO) has launched a new iteration of the program, JCP 2.5. The new version enhances the JCP by enabling the participation of a wider variety of contributors and by increasing the flexibility of the process by which compatible implementations of Java technology are created.

JCP Executive Committee Support

"Fujitsu is very pleased with the newly launched version of the JCP, as we have been contributing our effort to the Executive Committee" said Mr. Shigeru Tanaka, Vice General Manager, Application Server Software Div, Software Group, Fujitsu Limited. "Many specififations of Web Services will be provided using the JCP 2.5 process, and we will continue our contribution to the JCP through the development of our business collaboration middleware platform product Interstage."

"Insignia strongly endorses the new features and modifications that are part of JCP 2.5", said Peter Bernard, vice-president of product marketing at Insignia and member of the JCP Executive Committee. "The JCP has proven to be an effective method of moving the Java standard forward using a well defined, and open process. Adding open source to the licensing options, and making it easier for educational institutions and developers to obtain Technology Compatibility Kits will further enhance innovation by opening up the process to a broader and varied group of contributors."

"In coordination with JSR 185, which will help in resolving J2ME (tm) related interoperability issues in the cellular community, we expect this new program (JCP 2.5) to assist in expanding the mobile developer community." said Phil Gilchrist, Vice President of Standards and Technology Asset Management at Motorola. "Together, these two efforts should be very effective in establishing J2ME as the OS independent application development environment."

"JCP 2.5 breaks new ground by making open source licensing possible for those who work on Java specifications and those who create compatible independent implementations of the specifications," said Jason Hunter, vice-president, Apache Software Foundation and JCP EC member. "In addition the cost structure has been changed to allow smaller developer groups and individual developers to gain broader access to Java specifications, often times free of cost."

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