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Overview: Getting Involved
JCP Participation: Open to Everyone
The JCP gives you a chance to have your own work become an official component of the Java platform and to offer suggestions for improving and growing the technology. Either way, everyone in the Java community benefits from your participation. That's one of the reasons the JCP is open to everyone.
Anyone can join the JCP and have a part in its process either as a member or as a non-member public participant.
The place to start is the registration page to register for, so that you can customize your list of JSRs of interest to you and nominate yourself to participate on Expert Groups.
If you then wish to become a Member, log into your profile and then visit the Becoming a Member page to start that process. Or, if you are employed by an existing JCP Member and wish to represent it in the JCP, log in to your profile, click "My Profile," and then click "request Member association." Select your organization from the list and click "submit."
Please use the appropriate contact alias if you have any questions.
How To Get Involved
You can participate in the JCP in five ways:
Anyone with an Internet connection can review and comment on:
  1. all specifications developed using the JCP (Early Draft Reviews, Public Reviews), Proposed Final Drafts)
  2. all proposals for new or revised specifications (JSR Review),
  3. all proposed error corrections and changes to existing specifications (Maintenance),
  4. all Expert Group communications for JCP 2.8 and above JSRs,
  5. a public Issue Tracker for all JCP 2.8 and above JSRs, and
  6. a public archive of all working documents for JCP 2.8 and above JSRs.

Any individual, organization, or company that signs the Java Specification Participation Agreement (JSPA). (Members may also be called Participants elsewhere on this web site.) Members enjoy all the privileges of Public participation, plus they can:
  1. propose new or revised Java API specification projects by filing a JSR,
  2. nominate themselves to serve on the Expert Groups that create or revise Java specifications (when the JSR is initiated, or during JSR Review),
  3. review and comment on all specifications developed using the JCP before Public review in JCP 1.0 and 2.1 (Community Review),
  4. nominate themselves to serve on the Executive Committee,
  5. vote in the annual Executive Committee elections,
  6. attend JCP Member events.

Check the list of JCP Members online to see if your organization is already a JCP Member. If so, you may request to be associated with that Membership: log in, click "My Profile," then click "request Member association." On the resulting form, select your organization from the list and click "submit.".
Any Member can nominate an Expert to serve on one of the Expert Groups that write Java specifications. Experts can:
  1. actively shape the content and direction of new and revised Java specifications (Expert Group),
  2. review comments from Members and the Public and use them to improve the quality of a specification (Community Review,Public Review),
  3. a JCP Member on an Expert Group may assume responsibility for maintaining a specification after it is written, taking on the Maintenance Lead role (Maintenance Lead).

Specification Lead:
Any Member can submit a proposal for a new JSR. Once the JSR is approved by the Executive Committee, the Member begins to lead the JSR, with one or more representatives of that Member acting as Specification Lead(s). Specification Leads:
  1. Choose the other Members of the Expert Group,
  2. Guide the work of the Expert Group on the content and direction of the Java specification,
  3. provide the Reference Implementation for the JSR,
  4. are responsible for completing the Technology Compatibility Kit,
  5. usually become the Maintenance Lead of JSRs they direct to Final Release,
  6. produce the milestones of the JSR to be posted on (Early Draft Review, Public Review, Proposed Final Draft, et cetera)

Executive Committee:
Any Member can nominate itself for the annual election to serve on the Executive Committee. The JCP has two Executive Committees (EC)-Standard/Enterprise Edition & Micro Edition; each targets different markets for the Java Platform. Voting Members on each EC serve 3-year terms; there are 10 Ratified Seats, 5 Elected Seats, and the permanent seat held by Oracle America, Inc. The 3-year terms are staggered so that 5 of the 15 seats are normally up for ratification/election each year.
The EC Members guide the evolution of the Java technologies. The EC represents a cross-section of both major stakeholders and other members of the Java Community. EC Members:
  1. review and vote to approve or reject new JSR proposals,
  2. review and vote to approve or reject Public Review drafts,
  3. review and vote to approve or reject Final Approval Ballots,
  4. review and vote to approve or reject Maintenance Reviews,
  5. review and provide guidance on licensing terms of JSRs,
  6. decide appeals of first-level TCK test challenges,
  7. decide when JSRs that have not made sufficient progress through the JCP be withdrawn,
  8. collaborate on revisions to the JCP and the JSPA
Important: 3 JCP versions and 2 agreements
Depending on the JSRs that you plan to participate in there are two different agreements that you need to sign. The so-called JSPA 2 is for submitting your our JSR proposals and for participating in JSRs that use JCP 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8 and/or 2.9. The so-called JSPA 1 is for participation in JSRs that use JCP 1.0 or 2.1. You can request this document by contacting the PMO. On each JSR page it says which JCP version it uses. You can find more information on the Becoming a Member page and the FAQ page.

Note that JCP 2.8 and above JSRs are required to operate in a fairly different and distinct manner from earlier JSRs, both in terms of transparency but also in terms of ballot timing/duration and the operation of the Executive Committee. For an overview of JCP 2.8 and above changes, please see the section of the Spec Lead Guide that talks about JCP 2.8 and above.


Participation in the JCP by Key Events
  Public Member:
JSPA signee
Expert Spec Lead EC
Review JSRs Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Propose new JSRs   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lead JSRs       Yes  
Nominate for Expert Group Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Serve on an Expert Group   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Review specification drafts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Review Community Drafts (JCP 2.1)   Yes Yes Yes Yes
View Expert Group materials (JCP 2.8 and above JSRs) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
View Expert Group materials (all other JSRs)     Yes Yes  
Vote in Executive Committee elections   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Serve on Executive Committee   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Vote on JSR ballots         Yes
Attend JCP Member events   Yes Yes Yes Yes

JCP Members
For a list of the companies and organizations who are JCP Members, visit the Member List.