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The Executive Committee (EC) is the group of Members guiding the evolution of Java technology in the Java Community Process (JCP). The EC represents both major stakeholders and a representative cross-section of the Java Community. The EC is responsible for approving the passage of specifications through key points of the JCP and for reconciling discrepancies between specifications and their associated test suites. Originally there were two ECs (the SE/EE EC and the ME EC); these were merged with JCP 2.9.

For more information about the function of the Executive Committee, please refer to the Java Community Process Document and the Executive Committee's Standing Rules.


The Executive Committee is expected to:

  • Select JSRs for development within the JCP.
  • Approve draft specifications for Public Review.
  • Give final approval to completed Specifications and their associated RIs and TCKs.
  • Decide appeals of first-level TCK test challenges.
  • Review and approve maintenance releases.
  • Approve transfer of maintenance duties between Members.
  • Provide guidance to the PMO.


Executive Committee Members
EC Member Representative E-mail address Current term ends
ARM Limited Zach Shelby (bio)
Paul Manfrini (bio) (alternate)
2016, elected
Azul Systems Gil Tene (bio) 2016, elected
Credit Suisse Susanne Cech Previtali (bio)
Scot Baldry (bio) (alternate)
2015, ratified
Eclipse Foundation Mike Milinkovich (bio) 2015, elected
Ericsson Christer Boberg (bio) 2015, ratified
Freescale Maulin Patel (bio) 2016, ratified
Fujitsu Limited Hiroshi Yoshida (bio)
Mike DeNicola (bio) (alternate)
2015, ratified
Gemalto M2M Thomas Lampart (bio)
Florian Denzin (alternate)
2016, ratified
Goldman Sachs John Weir (bio)
Michael Marzo (bio)
2016, ratified
Hazelcast Greg Luck (bio) 2016, elected
Hewlett-Packard Scott Jameson (bio) 2015, ratified
IBM Vito Spatafora (bio) 2015, ratified
Intel Anil Kumar (bio) 2015, ratified
Werner Keil Werner Keil (bio) 2016, elected
London Java Community James Gough (bio)
Ben Evans (bio) (alternate)
2015, elected
Geir Magnuson, Jr. Geir Magnuson, Jr. (bio) 2016, elected
MicroDoc Hendrik Hoefer (bio)
Hans Kamutzki (bio) (alternate)
2016, ratified
Oracle Don Deutsch (bio)
Calinel Pasteanu (bio)
Red Hat Middleware Mark Little (bio)
Scott Stark (alternate)
2015, ratified
SAP Sanjay Patil (bio) 2016, ratified
Software AG Prasad Yendluri (bio) 2016, ratified
SouJava Bruno Ferreira de Souza (bio)
Fabio Velloso (alternate)
2015, ratified
TOTVS David Britto (bio) 2016, ratified
Twitter Chris Aniszczyk (bio) 2015, elected
V2COM Leonardo de Moura Rocha Lima (bio) 2016, ratified

Member participation

When voting in the annual EC elections JCP members should take into consideration the participation records of current EC members who are running for reelection:

For a visual record of EC members' attendance at meetings see the EC meeting attendance chart.

See JSR voting results for detailed records of EC members' voting records.

For yearly summaries of members' meeting attendance and voting records choose from the list below:

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