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Java Community Process: EC Elections 2001

EC Elections 2001

The Java Community ProcessSM (JCP) Program Executive Committee (EC) elections process was launched in June 2000. This years` elections were be hosted by PriceWaterhouseCoopers and ran October 1 - November 14, 2001.

Voting in the EC elections gives JCP Members the ability to help select the 10 new members of the EC and to help shape the future of JavaTM technology.

Standard/Enterprise Edition Executive Committee
Number of eligible voters: 406
Percent voting members casting votes: 22.2%
The top two Members have been elected and will serve for the next three years.

Macromedia, Inc. 20%
Nokia Networks 17.4%
WebGain 11.6%
SAP AG Walldorf 10.3%
Art Technology Group, Inc (ATG) 10.3%
Silverstream Software 7%
Nortel Networks 5.8%
Hitachi, Ltd. 5.8%
Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein 5.1%
Tower Technology Corporation 3.2%
SeeBeyond Technology Corp. 2.5%
IOPSIS Software Inc. .6%

Micro Edition Executive Committee
Number of eligible votes: 406
Percent voting Members casting votes: 22.2%
The top two Members have been elected and will serve until their terms end in 2004.

Zucotto Wireless 20.1%
Texas Instruments, Inc. 20.1%
Wind River Systems 18%
Macromedia, Inc. 14.5%
Cingular Wireless 9%
Poet Software 6.2%
Liberate Technologies 6.2%
Bouygues Telecom 4.1%
AGEA Corporation 1.3&

The JCP 2001 election ratification process has been completed (October 1 - 15, 2001) and the 3 seats on each committee that were up for ratification will be filled as follows:

Standard / Enterprise Edition Executive Committee Apache Software Foundation
Borland Software Corporation
Caldera Systems
Micro Edition Executive Committee Insignia Solutions
Research In Motion, Ltd
Sony International GmbH

All JCP Members are eligible to self-nominate for the two open seats on each committee. Open nominations are from 9 a.m. Pacific Time Wednesday, October 17, 2001 through Midnight Pacific Time Wednesday, October 31, 2001, and voting runs from November 1 - 14, 2001.


The JCP has two Executive Committees (EC) - Standard/Enterprise & Micro Edition, each targets different markets for the Java Platform. Voting Members on each EC serve 3-year terms; there are 10 Ratified Seats, 5 Elected Seats, and the permanent seat held by Sun Microsystems, Inc. The 3-year terms are staggered so that 5 of the 15 seats are normally up for ratification/election each year.

The EC members guide the evolution of the Java technologies. The EC represents a cross-section of both major stakeholders and other members of the Java Community. Duties are: select JSRs for development, approve draft Specifications for Public Review, approve Final Specifications, review TCK appeals, approve Maintenance revisions and possibly defer some features to a new JSR, approve transfer of maintenance duties between members and provide guidance to the Program Management Office (PMO). For more information on the EC, see the Executive Committee Info page


Ratified Seats are filled by a simple ratification process. Members are selected for the Ratified Seats using a ratification ballot that is carried out starting the first week of October of each year.

The ratification ballot is carried out as follows:

The PMO nominates Members to fill the vacant Ratified Seats with due regard for balanced community and regional representation. Eligible Members vote to ratify each nominee over a 14-day voting period. Each nominee is ratified by a simple majority of the Community Members who cast a vote.


Elected Seats are filled by a straightforward election process. Members are selected for the Elected Seats using an election process that begins the third week of October of each year. Any Member may nominate themselves.

The election ballot is carried out as follows:

The PMO accepts nominations from the Community for a period of 14 days. Eligible Members vote for as many nominees as there are vacant Elected Seats over a 14 day period. The nominees who receive the most votes will fill the vacant Elected Seats.

September 24, 2001 Ratification voter eligibility deadline
October 1-15, 2001 Ratified voting
October 16, 2001 Ratified Voting Results available
October 17-31, 2001 Nominations open for Elected Seats
October 26, 2001 Election voter eligibility deadline
November 1-14, 2001 Elections for the remaining seats
November 20, 2001 New EC Members take office

For more information on the JCP, see the JCP Overview page
Contact the PMO for election questions at