Executive Committee Meeting Summary
for November 13, 2007


November 13, 2007




Tuesday November 13
    • PMO Topics presentation
    • Agenda review and roll call
    • Minutes, summary from previous meetings
    • Election results
    • EC stats (Liz Kinear: PMO)
    • Spec Lead Interview/Q&A (Liz Kinear: PMO)
    • Personnel changes
    • JavaOne Call for Papers
    • Schedules and locations for 2008 f2f meetings
    • Relaxing the platform Compatibility Rules

EC Attendance

  • Patrick Curran, Liz Kiener, Max Lanfranconi
  • BenQ - SS Chen  - not present
  • Jean-Marie Dautelle
  • Ericsson Mobile Platforms – Magnus Olsson
  • IBM –Mark Thomas - Dan Bandera
  • Intel – Eric Dittert - Tony Baker
  • Motorola - James Warden
  • Nokia – Pentti Savolainen
  • NTT DoCoMo – not present
  • Orange France - 
  • Philips – Jon Piesing
  • RIM - not present
  • Samsung - Vincent Kwon
  • Siemens – Marquart Franz -  Klaus Yunk 
  • Sony-Ericsson – not present
  • Sun –  Caline Pasteanu
  • Vodafone – GŁnter Klas

Total attendance: 11

  • Apache – Geir Magnusson
  • BEA – Ed Cobb, 
  • Borland - not present
  • Fujitsu – not present
  • Google -  Josh Bloch
  • HP – Scott Jameson
  • IBM – Mark Thomas, Steve Wolfe
  • Intel – Wayne Carr
  • Red Hat Middleware – not present
  • Doug Lea 
  • Nortel Networks - not present
  • Oracle – Don Deutsch
  • SAP  - Michael Bechauf
  • SAS - Rich Main
  • Hani Suleiman - not present
  • Sun – Danny Coward,  Roberto Chinnici, Peter Walker

Total attendance: 11


Since 12 members of each EC were not present there was no quorum for this meeting.


Agenda Review and roll call

Minutes and summary from previous meetings

The meeting minutes and summary for the October meeting were approved.

Election results

The final results of the 2008 elections were announced.

New & re-elected SE/EE EC Members:

New & re-elected ME EC members: See the final results here

EC stats presentation (Liz Kinear: PMO)

Lize Kinear presented the usual monthly JSR statistics.

Spec Lead Interview/Q&A (Liz Kinear: PMO)

Liz Kinear presented the results of an interview with Roger Mahler, spec lead for JSR 320.

Personnel changes

Java One Call for Papers

Will close at the end of the week. The PMO submitted several proposed papers. The Chair will also be at Javapolis in Europe with a presentation on standards.

Schedules and locations for 2008 face to face meetings

The EC discussed the possibility of meeting in France during the week before or after the W3C Technical Plenary (the dates for this meeting have not yet been fixed), during the week after JavaOne in the Bay Area, and on the US East Coast in January 2009.

Relaxing the platform Compatibility Rules

The Chair led a brief discussion about the possibility of relaxing some of the platform Compatibility Rules. The EC agreed to take up this topic again at the December meeting.

Next meeting

        * Date
              o December 4-5, 2007
        * Face-to-Face
              o Jean-Marie Dautelle's barn
              o Marlborough, MA

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