Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
for 20 October 2009

version 0.2: January 22, 2010


October 20 , 2009




(PMO Presentation)

Tuesday October 20
  • Roll call
  • Agenda Review
  • Approve minutes from previous meeting
  • EC stats
  • EC meeting attendance
  • Personnel changes
  • 2009 election update
  • Features planned for next release of jcp.org
  • Classification of JSRs on jcp.org
  • ME Working Group update
  • JSR 299 and 330
  • Further discussion of incubator processes


  • Patrick Curran, Max Lanfranconi
  • Aplix –  John Rizzo – present
  • Ericsson –  Magnus Olssonn – present
  • IBM – Steve Wolfe – present
  • Motorola – Brian Deuser – present
  • Nokia – Erkki Rysa – present
  • Orange France – not present
  • Philips – resigned
  • Qisda – not present
  • RIM – James Warden – present
  • Samsung – Hobum (Vincent) Kwon – present
  • Sean Sheedy – present
  • Siemens – Marquart Franz – present
  • Sony Ericsson – not present
  • Sun – Calinel Pasteanu – present
  • Time Warner Cable – not present
  • Vodafone – Guenter Klas – present

Total attendance: 11

  • Apache – Geir Magnusson – present
  • Eclipse – Mike Milinkovitch present
  • Ericsson - Jens Jensen – present
  • Fujitsu – not present
  • Google – Josh Bloch – present
  • HP – Scott Jameson – present
  • IBM – Mark Thomas – present
  • Intel – Wayne Carr – present
  • Werner Keil – present
  • Doug Lea – present
  • Nortel – resigned
  • Oracle – Jeff Mischkinsky – present
  • RedHat – not present
  • SAP – Vicki Shipkowitz – present
  • SpringSource – not present
  • Sun – Danny Coward – present

Total attendance: 12

Since 75% of the ME EC wasnot present, that EC was inquorate for this meeting
Since 75% of the SE/EE EC was present, that EC was quorate for this meeting


Minutes of previous meeting

Patrick apologized for not having published the minutes of the previous meeting. These will be reviewed by email.

EC statistics

Patrick delivered the EC stats presentation.

EC meeting attendance

Patrick drew members' attention to a new visual representation of EC meeting attendance. He reminded members that the Process Document states that "attendance at meetings is mandatory" and encouraged members to live up to this expectation.

Personnel changes

Patrick reported the following personnel changes:



2009 election update

Patrick reported on the schedule and logistics for this year's elections. See the PMO Presentation for details. During a demonstration of the new election software EC members made several suggestions for changes to the on-screen instructions, which the PMO agreed to implement.

Features planned for next release of jcp.org

Patrick reported on the new features that are planned for the next release of jcp.org. See the PMO Presentation for details.

Classification of JSRs on jcp.org

EC members discussed the various lists of JSRs that are linked from the frong page of jcp.org (see the PMO Presentation for details.) Patrick pointed out various inconsistencies and omissions from these lists, and asked members for their input. The EC agreed to discuss this further by email, after which the PMO would come back with a recommendation for changes. After the meeting, Wayne Carr provided the following suggestions:

ME Working Group update

Patrick provided an update on the activities of the ME Working Group. See the PMO Presentation for details.

JSR 299 and 330

Doug Lea requested that this topic be added to the agenda in the light of IBM's "no" vote on these JSRs. Mark Thomas explained that IBM voted no because of concerns about the lack of synchronization between the two JSRs, and the possibility that this might lead to incompatibilities between the Java SE and Java EE platforms.

After discussing various options, EC members agreed to encourage the Spec Leads of JSR 330 to do a Maintenance Release to resolve the issues.

Further discussion of incubator processes

This discussion was postponed to a future meeting due to lack of time.