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JSRs: Java Specification Requests
JSR 49: Web Based Industrial Monitoring Framework

Stage Access Start Finish
Withdrawn   18 Feb, 2010  
CAFE   15 Jan, 2000 07 Feb, 2000
JSR Approval   08 Jan, 2000 14 Jan, 2000
Status: Withdrawn
Reason: Withdrawn as Spec Lead left the JCP and no other Expert Group member was willing to take over as Spec Lead.
JCP version in use: 1.0
Java Specification Participation Agreement version in use: 1.0

This JSR is to develop a web based monitoring and data acquisition framework for a industrial automation application. The APIs provides cross vendor inter-bean communication means.

Please direct comments on this JSR to the Spec Lead(s)

Specification Leads
  Hiroaki Hashimukai Yamatake Corporation
Expert Group
  Cyberonix Mitsubishi Electric Corp. NEC Corporation
  Sun Microsystems, Inc. Yamatake Corporation Yokogawa Electric Corporation

This JSR has been Withdrawn
Reason: Withdrawn as Spec Lead left the JCP and no other Expert Group member was willing to take over as Spec Lead.

Original Java Specification Request (JSR)

Identification | Request | Contributions

Section 1: Identification

  Submitting Participant: Yamatake Corporation, Control Products Division
  Name of Contact Person: Hiro Hashimukai, Component Business Group
          E-Mail Address:
        Telephone Number: +81-466-20-2278
              Fax Number: +81-466-20-2193

This JSR is being filed on behalf of the Industrial applications working group of the Java Consortium Japan. (

Section 2: Request

Industrial automation, such as process control, building automation and factory automation now recognize strong demand for Web based data acquisition and monitoring. Web based field data servers, which connect legacy field devices to the Web, and Web clients for industrial use have been introduced to the industrial automation market. Field devices utilizing TCP/IP interface, such as PLCs, field instruments and web enabled DCS/SACDA, have been introduced by many venders. It is possible for customers to build up web based data acquisition and/or monitoring system using these systems and devices. However, a customer who wanted to develop a web based monitoring application would have a lot of work In developing Java applets and/or applications, including GUIs, communications and data acquisition.

This request is to develop a specification for a client side web based monitoring framework, which would consist of APIs supporting inter-bean communication, naming service and lifetime management for objects existing within the framework. Web based monitoring APIs provide a mutual data exchange platform to be used by GUI components, and components which provide data from web based field data server to GUI components. The Java Bean component specification would be utilized for this framework and, a common data object structure would be defined for cross vender component connectivity.

This specification will target the desktop, server and the hi-level end of embedded Java platform. It should be a software component based framework utilize Java Beans component model. No current Java specification will need to be changed as a result of our work. We plan to utilize only existing JDK1.1 core APIs for the framework of the 1st revision. The framework will be extended in the 2nd revision to take into consideration Bean context support , security support, etc, of Java2EE and /or Java2SE.

The Factory Floor Automation Extension (JSR-000007) expert group is now working on a distributed, real-time extension for the embedded automation environment. Our proposed specification focuses on monitoring clients and data acquisition server applications. We believe that we should work closely with this expert group in order to keep the interface simple among field devices, monitoring clients and data acquisition servers.

In addition, Microsoft's OPC(OLE for Process Control) should be considered for the data object structure definition, since that should make it easy to develop an OPC bridge for Java monitoring applets and/or applications utilizing this framework.

Section 3: Contributions

The Industrial Application Working Group of the Java Consortium is now working on developing a framework and APIs for this purpose. This working group will propose JIM (Java for Industrial Monitoring Framework), the result of the efforts of this working group, as a starting point for expert group discussion.

Java Consortium Industrial Application Working Group member list:

  • International Laboratory Corp.
  • Ines Corp.
  • AKIS Inc.
  • FFC Ltd.
  • OMRON Corp.
  • Omron Software Corp.
  • Omega Simulation Co. Ltd.
  • Grape Systems
  • KOBELCO Systems Corp.
  • KOMATSU Ltd.
  • Sun Microsystems K.K.
  • SkyCom Corp.
  • Tsubakimoto Chain Co.
  • TG Information Network Co. Ltd.
  • TOSHIBA Corp.
  • NISHIN Systems
  • NEC Corp.
  • IBM Japan Ltd.
  • HITACHI Ltd.
  • FUJI Electric Co. Ltd.
  • MITSUBISHI Electric Corp.
  • Yamatake Corp.
  • Yokogawa Electric Corp.