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JSRs: Java Specification Requests
JSR 356: JavaTM API for WebSocket

Open Nominations

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Approved Nominations

Nomination Type Full Name Biography Spec Lead Comments Submission date Spec Lead Vote PMO Vote
Expert Group Bill Wigger I have worked as a software developer for IBM for 23+ years. I've programmed in java for 15+ years and in 'C' before that. During this time I have worked on many web server related projects and technologies. Some of these projects have included TCP/IP communication, HTTP protocol, WebContainer technologies, CDI (JSR 299: Contexts and Dependency Injection ...), and others. Jul 10, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Greg Wilkins I'm the lead developer of the Jetty Webserver, which has an implementation of the websocket protocol. I was actively involved in the standardisation of the websocket protocol and acknowledged in rfc6455 I'm on the servlet spec EG. Mar 11, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Justin Lee I've been doing java since 1996. I worked for Sun/Oracle for 3 years during which I implemented the websocket protocol on the grizzly and glassfish stacks starting before draft 74 all the way up to the final wire protocol changes. Feb 24, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Mark Thomas I have been an Apache Tomcat committer for eight years. I am currently the Tomcat 7 release manager as well as undertaking the majority of the Tomcat 8 development (so far). As part of this, I am currently developing Tomcat's WebSocket implementation and therefore have first hand experience of the subject matter of this JSR. I am a member of the JSR-341 and JSR-340 expert groups. I have an M.Eng (Hons) in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from the University of Birmingham. Since graduation I spent just over 10 years as an IT consultant with Detica before moving to SpringSource (now part of VMware) where my primary focus is Apache Tomcat development and integration of Tomcat with VMware products. Feb 17, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Minehiko Iida I've been developing and maintaining J2EE/Java EE Application Server products since 2005. Feb 13, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Scott Ferguson Scott Ferguson representing Caucho. Participated in RFC 6455 (WebSocket) working group (listed in acknowledgements, woo!) Implemented Resin draft WebSocket API. Primary architect for Resin's HTTP/servlet/JSP since 2000. CDI (JSR-299) EG member. (I can give more details if you really need it.) Feb 13, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Wei Chen * 20 yrs of experience on distributed computing, web, and telephony technologies * developed converged Java servlet (JSR 154 and 289) containers * EG member of JSR 309 Feb 10, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Jean-Francois Arcand I'm the author of the Atmosphere Framework, a portable WebSocket Framework running on top of any existing Servlet Container that already supports WebSocket. Atmosphere brings WebSocket to other framework like MyFaces, RichFaces, Jersey, Spring, etc. I'm also the author of the AsyncHttpClient WebSocket library for Java, and the WCS WebSocket library for Scala. Feb 9, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Rémy Maucherat Long time experience with Servlet API and various implmentations. Would be interested to particpate to help the JSR meet its goals. Feb 9, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Wenbo Zhu EG member of JSR-315, JSR-340. Member of the WebSocket development team in Google. Responsible for HTTP server-stack development. Feb 9, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Moon Namkoong I(Moon Namkoong) am a Java EE platform developer working at TmaxSoft R&D Center in South Korea. My official title is Senior researcher of TmaxSoft. Currently I'm working on TmaxSoft Application Server platform JEUS, mainly developing backend part including Web container. With my experience and expertise on Java EE technologies, I think I can contribute to this JSR. Feb 8, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Joe Walnes I am a long time Java web developer and the original author of Webbit - a Java non-blocking event loop based HTTP and WebSocket server. My expertise includes concurrency, scalability, performance, API design, protocol design, and web technologies (from basics like the HTTP spec, to modern technologies such as HTML5, WebGL, etc). I have been using WebSockets in the wild since Hixie 55 and have followed the specification carefully. I have been pushing the boundaries of the Servlet specification In the open source Java world, I am the original author of many other widely used libraries such as: - XStream , SiteMesh , QDox , Objenesis , and I have contributed to Hamcrest (which is a core part of JUnit), WebWork/Struts, jMock , and many others. In 2000, I co-founded the (now defunct) OpenSymphony project - a suite of opensource components for Servlet / J2EE applications. I have also co-authored books about Java web applications . I also created the SmoothieCharts, a JavaScript charting library designed for streaming data . In my work, I use Java and WebSockets heavily in the financial industry - where high throughput, low latency, predictability and stability are critical factors. Besides Java, I also work in C, C++, Python, Ruby, Scala, PHP, .NET and JavaScript (in browser, and Node.JS), so I can bring a wide set of views to the table. I believe WebSockets will fundamentally change the approach of many web applications (it already has in my sector), and I want to help build its future in the Java community. Feb 8, 2012 Y Y

Processed Nominations

Nomination Type Full Name Biography Spec Lead Comments Submission date Spec Lead Vote PMO Vote
Expert Group Danny Coward its me Mar 7, 2012 N Y
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