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JSRs: Java Specification Requests
JSR 359: SIP Servlet 2.0

Open Nominations

Nomination Type Full Name Biography Spec Lead Comments Submission date Spec Lead Vote PMO Vote

Approved Nominations

Nomination Type Full Name Biography Spec Lead Comments Submission date Spec Lead Vote PMO Vote
Expert Group Wei Chen I am already on EG on JSR 359. But I am associated with Tropo, Inc. now, a spin-off from Voxeo Corp. Jul 30, 2014 Y Y
Expert Group Rajnish Jain I've been working on VoIP for 15 years and the SIP protocol for 12 years now. I've been working on a JSR 289 application for 4 years now. I've written 2 separate SIP stacks and many applications in my career. I've 3 publications in Bell Labs Technical Journal on SIP. I'm co-author of RFC 6341 (SIP Recording) and a few other IETF Internet-Drafts. I'm invited as a guest editor for IEEE communications publications. I've 4 granted and 5 published patent applications in the field of SIP. My current interests include WebRTC and a flexible multi-layer SIP stack API in a JEE environment. Dec 27, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group George Vagenas Software engineer at Telestax Inc., leading the Mobicents CDI integration and Mobicents Testing framework projects. Dec 11, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Tom Strickland Member of the JSR-309 group (Media Server Control API) - invited to join the group on the basis of submissions to the group. I have designed & developed SipServlet and other telephony applications and container code for more than 10 years. Developed applications on IBM WebSphere and Thrupoint SipServlet container (aka Ubiquity SipServlet container). Within the company, I tend to get asked questions about low-level SIP, threading issues and distributed system design. Oct 30, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Tomas Ericson -Expert Group member of JSR 289 Sip Servlet API 1.1. Spec-lead of JSR 309 Media Server Control API, which is related to the Sip Servlet programming model. -10+ years of experience of Java server programming in the telecommunications domain. -Has worked on the BEA/Oracle engineering team implementing the BEA/Oracle Sip Servlet container. Oct 24, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Keith Lewis 30 years in software development for telecomms. Served on standardisation committee for DPNSS in UK. 4 years experience as a developer of the Thrupoint JSR289 container. Oct 17, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group David Ferry Co-Founder of OpenCloud ( Spec lead for JSRs 22 and 240. Member of some other JSRs. OpenCloud provide a Telecom AS and related products. A recent release is now compliant with JSR 289, so we are also a SIP Servlet vendor. Sep 26, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Jonas Borjesson I (Jonas Borjesson) started to work with SIP back in 2002 when I joined Hotsip - a company that had one of the first live SIP VoIP deployments in the world. Hotsip was acquired by Oracle in 2006 and during my time at these two companies I participated in the following projects related to SIP: * Part of the team that implemented JSR116 * Part of the team that built a new type of event driven container that handled both SIP and SS7 where I spent most of my time integrating the Oracle SIP container into this new container. * Part of the team that built a Presence Enabler as specified by OMA Presence Enabler 1.0.1. ** Personally responsible for the design and implementation of the generic subscribe/notify framework as defined by RFC3265, 3903 (we built this on top of jain sip though, 116 was early draft at the time and not clear how to act as a client in an efficient manner). ** Once Hotsip was acquired by Oracle, I was the lead in maintaining and further develop Oracles presence enabler sold under the name OCP. In January 2011 I joined Twilio as the SIP expert and am responsible for everything related to SIP and signaling. As such, I am responsible for choosing the appropriate SIP technologies, designs the overall architecture as well as being the main developer for these SIP related services. Many of these services are built on top of JSR289 so I have a lot of direct experience dealing with SIP containers, both implementing them as well as using them. Also, I do contribute to Mobicent's open source SIP container as much as I can, mainly because I think it is fun but also because sometimes we need to fix things for our own use case here at Twilio. Sep 12, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Daniel Timoney I am lead developer on several Voice over IP Application Servers used to support AT&T Business VoIP services. I have over 10 years experience developing Voice over IP applications, most of that using the SIP Servlet API. Sep 11, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Thomas Leseney We have been involved in SIP Servlets technology since the very beginning (as member of JSR116 and JSR289) and would like to contribute to SIP Servlets 2.0. Sep 7, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Kristoffer Gronowski JSR 289 EG member, Initiator and architect of project Sailfin. Sep 5, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Subramanian Thamaraisamy * 3 years of experience with SIP Protocol stack in Cisco Voice Gateways(written in C) * 3 years of experience with developing converged applications based on SIP Servlets API * Experience with application chaining based on SIP Servlets * Contributed to Opensource implementation of SIP Servlet stack Aug 31, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Nitzan Nissim I was the dev team lead and today the software architect for the WebSphere SIP container team. The container currently comply with JSR 289 and compatible with JSR 116 as well as with many other SIP related RFCs Aug 29, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Eric Cheung I have been involved with the SIP Servlet API since the formation of JSR289 EG, and is an active user of the API as a developer of the ECharts for SIP Servlet (E4SS) and other open source frameworks (see Aug 27, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Wei Chen I have been working on SIP Servlet container since 2004 Jul 16, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Brian Pulito I am the lead SIP architect for IBM's WebSphere product. I have done extensive work with both JSR 116 and JSR 289. JSR 359 has direct impact on a product I am responsible for and affects many IBM customers. Jul 13, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Jean Deruelle TeleStax Co Founder. Previously member of the JBoss R&D, working mostly on the Mobicents Platform and more specifically leading the Mobicents SIP Servlets open source project. Also member of the Sip Servlets Expert Group (JSR 289) for JBoss/Red Hat. I've always been involved with SIP related open source projects such as jain-sip, jain-sip-applet-phone, sip-for-me, jain-sip-app-server and Mobicents. Jul 4, 2012 Y Y

Processed Nominations

Nomination Type Full Name Biography Spec Lead Comments Submission date Spec Lead Vote PMO Vote
Expert Group Kai Ellinger Member of Oracle support and supporting two SIP containers (Sailfin and OCCAS). I have been asked by to join the group. Mar 6, 2013 N Y
Expert Group Mahesh Suryawanshi I am developing a sip servlet 1.1(JSR289) based application. I would like to know about upcoming servlet2.0 (JSR359) specs. Feb 5, 2013 - XM
Expert Group Andrew Winter Formerly spent 7+ years working at Ubiquity (subsequently Avaya then Thrupoint). Implemented a complete RFC 3261 stack plus the majority of SIP Servlet 1.1. Brings knowledge from both the perspective of an application developer, having been team lead on a services product built on top of SIP Servlet 1.1 at Ubiquity, plus the perspective of an application server developer. Expert knowledge of JEE6, including Servlets 3.0 plus other technologies that had little or no involvement in SIP Servlet 1.1 such as EJBs. Has a keen personal interest in SIP. Jan 18, 2013 - XM
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