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JSRs: Java Specification Requests
JSR 377: Desktop|Embedded Application API

Open Nominations

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Approved Nominations

Nomination Type Full Name Biography Spec Lead Comments Submission date Spec Lead Vote PMO Vote
Expert Group Doychin Bondzhev I'm professional software developer for the last 20 years. I program different stuff for more then 26 years from Apple II, IBM PC and later Windows. I have developed DOS based applications(Turbo Pascal), Windows desktop (Delphi) and later Java Web and Desktop applications. I do Java development professionally for the last 14 years. My primary targets are Java EE back end with Swing Desktop front end. I have few projects that are based on this architecture which I maintain for the last 13 years. While developing these applications I developed a framework for desktop part that solves most of the problems currently in development in JSR 377. Jun 23, 2016 Y Y
Expert Group Otavio Santana Otávio Santana (@otaviojava) is a developer and enthusiast of open source. He is an evangelist and practitioner of agile philosophy and polyglot development in Brazil. Santana is a JUG leader of JavaBahia and SouJava, and a strong supporter of Java communities in Brazil, where he also leads the BrasilJUGs initiative to incorporate Brazilian JUGs into joint activities. He is a cocreator and is also responsible for the Linguagil Group, merger of Java, Ruby, Python, and Agile groups that promotes agility across language-focused communities. In the open source world, Santana is a developer in OpenJDK and a creator of Easy-Cassandra. He has also helped in JBoss Weld, Hibernate, Apache Commons, and other open-source projects. He is a very active speaker in Brazil, participating in the largest Java events in the country. As an international speaker, Santana has presented at JavaOne and on Cassandra tour events. He is also a writer and has produced many articles and even a book on JVM Internals. Otávio Santana personifies “make the future Java,” working on several Java Specification Requests (JSRs) as a Java expert team member and he is an Executive Committee Members on JCP. Santana was nominated and won the JCP's Outstanding Adopt-a-JSR Participant of the Year award and Java Champion for his very active role in several JSRs and OpenJDK. Aug 17, 2015 Y Y
Expert Group Mario Torre I work for Red Hat as Principal Software Engineer where I am mainly responsible for the development of a monitoring platform for OpenJDK, which includes an application frameworks for creating graphical analysis and visualization plugins. I have served many years as an OpenJDK contributor and member, working on most aspects of the Java Platform since the inception of OpenJDK (and before that, GNU Classpath), especially the Graphics and UI stacks have been my main focus ever since. Before joining Red Hat, in fact, I worked on Java for real time systems porting Java2D, Swing and AWT also developing or contributing to a number of frameworks, including LWUIT, Jogl and a Java based abstraction layer over OpenKODE. As a contractor for an important bank I've helped developing Swing based applications for the ForEX market. Feb 13, 2015 Y Y
Expert Group Werner Keil See Feb 3, 2015 Y Y
Expert Group Mohamed Taman I got invitation from the spec lead of this JSR to join the EG group before its formation even during our discussion in one of the conferences, and I have accepted the invitation. AS also As I worked with a lot of systems integrations and embedded systems, in my current company, beside I am writing a book about JavaFX running on embedded systems, that could promote this JSR also. I believe that my skills and experience will make a good arguments with other members to bring the high value of knowledge to support this JSR. A Chief Architect & Business Solutions Development Manager, Systems / Java / Mobile / Frontend Architect, head of R&D, Team leader, and consultant with around 13+ years’ experience in projects architecture, manages department team, projects deadlines, delivery times, capacity plans, and resource planning in case of concurrent projects / change requests development. Consultant / Architect for startup companies. Graduated from faculty of engineering, with B.Sc in computer systems engineering, major Electrical Engineering. A JCP & was EC (Executive committee) member at Java Community Process Organization. JSR 363, and 354 Expert Group, Working on many JSRs especially Java EE 7, 8 umbrella JSRs / Glassfish 4 evaluation and testing, a member of Adopt-A-JSR, Adopt-OpenJDK, and FishCAT programs. Member of MoroccoJUG and EGJUG Leader, Founder of JCP activities program group of EGJUG. Won 2014 Duke's Choice Awards as best UN application Architecture for fighting the Hunger around the world. the 11 annual JCP awards 2013 for Outstanding adopt-a-JSR participant. An Oracle Egypt Architects Club board member, with responsibility to define and put the correct architecture reference solutions for Oracle customer's projects in EMEA. Jan 31, 2015 Y Y
Expert Group Anatole Tresch I am joining the Java ecosystem since Java 1.0. beside java EE I also did things based on applets, pure awt, swing, eclpse rcp and recently also Javafx. I think this jsr will help to simplify future technology innovation by reducing the 'vendor lockin' and common toolsets. Finally my experience as jcp spec lead my be useful as well and finally this jsr also helps to attract more people in Switzerland to engage with the jcp. Jan 28, 2015 Y Y
Expert Group Alan Williamson cto by day, enterprise architect by night, open source contributor at the weekends, editor and author, java champion and adjunct lecturer at VCU Jan 19, 2015 Y Y
Expert Group Johan Vos Johan Vos is a Java Champion, lead author of Pro JavaFX 8, working on DataFX and JavaFX and Android. Jan 15, 2015 Y Y
Expert Group Hendrik Ebbers I'm a Java Architect at Canoo Engineering AG and live in Dortmund, Germany. My main focus is primarily in the areas of JavaFX, Middleware and DevOps. Additionally, I'm the founder and leader of the Java User Group Dortmund and give talks and presentations in User Groups and Conferences. I'm blogging about UI related topics at (or on Twitter @hendrikEbbers) and contribute to some Open Source Projects: DataFX, BoxFX, AquaFX and Vagrant-Binding. My JavaFX book "Mastering JavaFX 8 Controls" was released this summer by Oracle press. This year I was one of the featured speakers at JavaOne. Dec 30, 2014 Y Y
Contributor Sven Reimers Sven Reimers For all Details please see request for EG participation Sep 17, 2016 Y Y

Processed Nominations

Nomination Type Full Name Biography Spec Lead Comments Submission date Spec Lead Vote PMO Vote
Expert Group Alexander Klein Alexander Klein is Principal Consultant at codecentric AG in germany. He works for more than 15 years in the java-ecosystem as developer, architect and trainer. His interests are UI-development and -ergonomy and development efficency. He is a Griffon commiter. Feb 2, 2015 Y XM
Expert Group Geertjan Wielenga Geertjan Wielenga is a Principal Product Manager at Oracle, working on NetBeans IDE and the NetBeans Platform. Jan 23, 2015 Y XM
Expert Group Sébastien Bordes I've been a Java Developer for 10 years. I have built applications with Swing, EclipseRCP, Flex (PureMVC), Silverlight (MVVM) and also web apps. I have created JRebirth in 2011, an application framework (WB-CS-MVC) dedicated to JavaFX2+. I'm currently employed to build an EclipseRCP application on top of Eclipse Papyrus to produce SysML diagrams Jan 9, 2015 Y XM
Expert Group Sven Reimers Sven Reimers, based at Lake Constance in southern Germany, works as a systems engineer at Airbus Defence and Space. He has more than 15 years experience building complex software systems, and more than 15 years experience with Java, going back to its early days. In 2009 Reimers was the winner of the Duke`s Choice Award in the Network Solutions category for ND SatCom Satellite Communication Management Software. Besides his day job, his achievements for NetBeans got him elected a NetBeans Dream Team member in 2008. He is also community leader for NetBeans and Desktop Java at and a contributor to OpenJFX. Reimers is a frequent contributor to local and global Java events as a speaker and participant in panel discussions or hands-on labs. Reimers is a long term NetBeans Platform based rich client developer (13 years+), creator of eFX a simple JavaFX application framework using NetBeans Platform Core Libraries speaking about these technologies and patterns at various conferences. Jan 9, 2015 Y XM
Expert Group Rajmahendra Hegde Raj is a Agile Java developer from India. A Java Community lead for Chennai and Hyderabad JUG. Individual JCP Member. Jan 5, 2015 Y XA
Expert Group Gerrit Grunwald I nominate Gerrit Grunwald. He is a software engineer with more than ten years of experience in software development. He has been involved in Java desktop application and controls development for many years. He is a true believer in open source and has participated in popular projects like as well as his own projects (Enzo, SteelSeries Swing, SteelSeries Canvas). Gerrit is an active member of the Java community, where he founded and leads the Java User Group Münster (Germany), he co-leads the JavaFX and IoT community, is a JavaOne rockstar and Java Champion. He is a speaker at conferences and user groups internationally and writes for several magazines. Dec 31, 2014 Y XM
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