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JSRs: Java Specification Requests
JSR 385: Units of Measurement API 2.0

Open Nominations

Nomination Type Full Name Biography Spec Lead Comments Submission date Spec Lead Vote PMO Vote
Contributor Buddha Jyothiprasad Hi, I would like to contribute to the project. I have previously worked on JBoss forge project and also created an open source project called perforce patcher and worked on several java user group Hyderabad initiated projects. Please consider my nominator for being a contributor. I'm also currently leading JUG Hyderabad Not sure, if representing Oracle is correct, PMO should be able to sort it out, but we certainly welcome JUG Hyderabad again after it adopted JSR 363. Jan 31, 2018 Y XM

Approved Nominations

Nomination Type Full Name Biography Spec Lead Comments Submission date Spec Lead Vote PMO Vote
Expert Group Martin Desruisseaux I'm an oceanographer who is currently spending most of his time in open source development and international standardization. I was a member of previous Unit of Measurement efforts (JSR-108, JSR-275, JSR-363). I was the chair of GeoAPI 3.0 standard published by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), which uses JSR-363, and continue to push for GeoAPI 3.1/4.0. I implemented JSR-363 as part of Apache Spatial Information System (SIS). I'm also a member of the ISO 19111 revision group (referencing by coordinates), in which units of measurement play an important role. Not sure, why it says "Representing Not a JCP Member" while the organization Geomatys is also mentioned. I was under the impression, Martin plans to join on behalf of Geomatys, but if something changed and he wants to join as Individual again he is equally welcome that way. Mar 14, 2018 Y Y
Expert Group Jacob Glickman I am nominating myself to join the Expert Group of JSR 385: Units of Measurement API 2.0, as recommended to by Werner Keil ( I am currently a senior at Bucknell University majoring in Computer Engineering, hoping to pursue a career utilizing Java after graduating in May, 2018. At the current time, I am a Full Member of the JCP and have attained the Oracle Associate Developer Certification for Java SE 8. References: Happy to approve Jacob's proposal based on his input and conversations on GitHub as well as having reached many on StackOverflow with questions about Java 10 etc. It's also great to have EG members from the academic sector in the light of both adopting new Java versions and the upcoming SI reforms. Jan 25, 2018 Y Y
Expert Group Chris Senior See JSR 363 EG Welcome aboard. Jan 10, 2018 Y Y
Contributor Andi Huber I studied physics for some years, but ultimately did not finish, because I got a job in the IT industry. I'm a Java developer ever since the release of Java 5. As a developer I'm using the 'Units of Measurement' API currently for a project in the field of nutrition science. Hence my interest an motivation to contribute. Cheers, Andi Apr 6, 2018 Y Y
Contributor Filip Van Laenen I have 20 years of experience with Java, and we may soon start to use the reference implementation in one of our projects. I've already submitted a couple of pull requests to uom-se. Mar 1, 2018 Y Y
Contributor Rustam Mehmandarov Java developer, architect. Java Champion. Mar 1, 2018 Y Y
Contributor Ellis Berry Ellis Berry is a Java/Kotlin developer at Tenkiv focusing on the design of software used for solar thermal technology and its applications. Jan 15, 2018 Y Y
Contributor Anakar Parida I have 7 wonderful years of experience as a product developer, coder, programmer and hacker. I am one of the top coder in Hackerrank and Geeksforgeeks. I endorse my problem-solving skills rather than the technologies that I work in. I have contributed for JSR 363 and currently contributing on JSR 381. Please find some of my contributions below as part of JSR 363 and 381 - Contributed to uom-fitbit API and CDI implementation. - Contributed to Unit of Measurement (UOM) Astronomy. - Worked on UOM-TOOLS to import and sync unit data like CLDR. - Worked on Fitbit client for Units of Measurement utilizing the Agorava Project and with CDI, JAX-RS,JSON and other standards like OAuth JSR 381 Contributed to create Java APIs for detecting, recognizing and annotating images with focus on the content of the images, facial detection, facial emotions, image tagging, specifying image classifiers and training the visual data. Welcome aboard. Jan 9, 2018 Y Y

Processed Nominations

Nomination Type Full Name Biography Spec Lead Comments Submission date Spec Lead Vote PMO Vote
    Spec Lead Vote Legend:
    -Not yet reviewed/pending - The Spec Lead has not processed this nomination
    PProcessing - The Spec Lead has seen the nomination and needs more time to arrive at a decision
    NNo - The Spec Lead has decided that this nominee should not be on the JSR
    YYes - The Spec Lead wants the nominee on the JSR

    PMO Vote Legend:
    -The PMO has not yet voted on this nomination
    PProcessing - The nominee can not yet participate on this JSR, but the legal agreements are being processed
    IIncomplete, Illegible, or Inaccurate nomination
    XAMissing required agreement to participate on this JSR - Addendum (ECA) Required
    XMMissing required agreement to participate on any JSR - Not a JCP Member
    XNot able to be on a JSR - The PMO has determined that this person cannot be on this JSR
    YYes - The PMO views this as a valid nomination with a current Membership in place