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Privacy Statement

Sun Microsystems, Inc. ("Sun") respects your rights of privacy. Information that you disclose to Sun in this Nomination Form is intended to be used in selecting observers and determining Community support for the JSR specified above.

By providing this information to Sun, you give your permission: (i) for Sun to share the information with the Specification Lead, whether or not he or she is employed by Sun, but only to assist the PMO and the Specification Lead in identifying, evaluating and selecting candidates to participate on the JSR's observers group and in communicating with them following their selection; and (ii) for the PMO and the Specification Lead to share the information with members of the Observers group should the person nominated here be selected to access the Observers group.

In addition to the foregoing, you give your permission (to the extent you have the right to do so) for the PMO and the Specification Lead to share your name and/or your company name (if participating as a representative of a Member) with the JCP Executive Committee, but only for the purpose of assisting them in gauging the extent of Java Community support for this JSR.

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