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JSR #358
A major revision of the Java Community Process
JSR Renewal Ballot
Ballot duration: 2014-09-23   to: 2014-10-06

Special Vote Instructions:

The Specification Lead provides the following as justification for continuing this JSR:
"As the EC knows - since it is also the EG for this JSR - the subject-matter of this JSR (licensing, compatibility, intellectual-property...) are extremely complex and require a great deal of discussion and negotiation between the lawyers and business representatives of the various EC companies and organizations.

We continue to work diligently on the JSR and we are making (slow) progress. We hold regular Working Group meetings and discuss the JSR in Expert Group session during each of our EC meetings. (For details see the public disclosures on our site and in the minutes published on

We'll get there eventually, but it's hard work..."

These are the final results of the JSR Renewal Ballot for JSR #358. The EC has approved this ballot.


Arm Limited Yes
Azul Systems, Inc. Yes
CloudBees No Vote
Credit Suisse Yes
Eclipse Foundation, Inc Yes
Ericsson AB Yes
Freescale Semiconductor No Vote
Fujitsu Limited Yes
Gemalto M2M GmbH Yes
Goldman Sachs & Co. Yes
Hewlett-Packard Yes
Intel Corp. No Vote
Keil, Werner No Vote
London Java Community Yes
MoroccoJUG Yes
Nokia Corporation No Vote
Oracle Yes
Red Hat Yes
* SAP SE Voting rights suspended since 2014-05-14
Software AG Yes
SouJava No Vote
Twitter, Inc. No Vote

Icon Legend
Yes Yes
No No
Abstain Abstain
Not voted Not voted

* EC Member : Voting rights have been suspended according to JCP 2.8

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