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JSR #375
JavaTM EE Security API
JSR Renewal Ballot
Ballot duration: 2015-11-10   to: 2015-11-23

Special Vote Instructions:

I intend to continue JSR 375. Incidentally, I am presenting a review of JSR 375 at the JCP F2F on Friday 10/23/2015 at 11:30 AM. Heather has confirmed the date and time, however I cannot find the official JCP EC F2F agenda so hopefully I am scheduled.

The Expert Group has been very active, and considerable work has been accomplished.

Expert Group email archive:

Google Group folder:

GitHub Organization:

We have also been reaching out to the community to gather feedback and solicit input.

Aquarium Blog

Devoxx France 2015 – Spec lead presentation

Devoxx UK 2015 – Spec lead presentation

And during JavaOne 2015...

Java One 2015 Conference Session [CON3659]
Presented by: Alex Kosowski [spec lead]
"Finally, the Java EE Security API (JSR 375)"

Java One 2015 BOF [BOF3666]
"How Would You Improve the Java EE Security API?"
Presented by: Ivar Grimstad [EG member] and Alex Kosowski [spec lead]

Additionally, we intend to reach out to two local JUGs (Philadelphia, PA & Princeton, NJ) and see if either want to "adopt" JSR 375.

We expect to continue along this path and produce an Early Draft in the next few months. Please renew JSR 375.

With regards,

These are the final results of the JSR Renewal Ballot for JSR #375. The EC has approved this ballot.


Arm Limited Yes
Azul Systems, Inc. Yes
Credit Suisse Yes
Eclipse Foundation, Inc Yes
Ericsson AB Yes
Freescale Semiconductor Yes
Fujitsu Limited Yes
Gemalto M2M GmbH Yes
Goldman Sachs & Co. Yes
Hazelcast Yes
Hewlett-Packard Yes
Intel Corp. Yes
Keil, Werner Yes
London Java Community Yes
Magnusson Jr, Geir Yes
MicroDoc Yes
Oracle Yes
Red Hat Yes
Software AG Yes
SouJava Yes
Twitter, Inc. No Vote

Icon Legend
Yes Yes
No No
Abstain Abstain
Not voted Not voted

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