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Java Community Process (JCP) version 2.10 with a focus on broadening JCP Membership takes effect 12 May

As part of the JCP.Next effort, the third JSR to be released as part of the JCP program reforms, JSR 364, Broadening JCP Membership, will take effect as JCP 2.10. The first in the effort was JSR 348, which increased JSR Expert Group transparency, took effect as JCP 2.8 in 2011. The second in the effort was JSR 355, EC Merge, which merged the two Executive Committees into one, took effect in 2012, and was finished being implemented in 2013. The EC serves as the Expert Group for these efforts. EC members guide the evolution of the Java technologies by approving and voting on all technology proposals (Java Specification Requests, or JSRs). They are also responsible for defining the JCP's rules of governance and the legal agreement between members and the organization. They provide guidance to the Program Management Office (PMO) and they represent the interests of the JCP to the broader community.

As of 12 May, JCP 2.10 is in effect.
Heather VanCura, Director of the Program Management Office (PMO) and Specification Lead for JSR 364 says "We are excited to introduce the latest version of the JCP program to the community. In 2014, the EC started working group meetings around the participation of Individual Java developers interested in contributing through the JCP program. We decided to initiate JSR 364 to broaden JCP membership by defining new membership classes, changing existing membership categories, enabling participation by the community, while at the same time eliminating barriers to participation and ensuring the appropriate Intellectual Property commitments were in place from JCP Members. I think the community will be empowered to increase their participation in the JCP program."

JCP 2.10 includes the following updates designed to eliminate barriers to membership in the JCP Program and ensure that participation in the JCP Program is covered by an appropriate agreement.

  • Process definitions added to JCP Process Document.
  • Introduce new membership levels to the JCP Program - Associate, Partner, Full Memberships. See workflow chart and membership page.
  • Implement support for new membership levels, including Electronic Signatures.
  • Change in Maintenance process timing - flexibility in review times, length of ballot.
  • Eliminate all membership fees.
  • Add Contributors to JSR Expert Groups.
  • Changes to Spec must be received at least 10 days prior to end of Public Review period and published at least 7 days prior to end of Review.
  • At Final Release and Maintenance Release, Spec Leads and Maintenance Leads must state whether they anticipate further changes through (additional) Maintenance Releases.
  • Modify JCP EC Elections process to add Associate Seats and flexibility in timing of Elections.
  • Add Evaluation Checklist for Process Change JSRs.
  • Transition period for the EC from JCP 2.9 to JCP 2.10.

For more information regarding the new version of the JCP Program, please refer to JSR 364, the JCP 2.10 Process Document and the Participation page.