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2004 JCP Training Season Now Open
Upcoming European and US East Coast Sessions Zoom in on JCP 2.6

The February JCP Training session opened up the season with a content rich and well attended meeting. Conducted over two days, the session focused on JCP 2.5 and also gave attendees a solid overview of JCP 2.6. In addition to the core JSR process training, this year's edition premiered new TCK presentations and an introduction to the JCP communication guidelines, protocol and procedures.

Going forward, this year's JCP training schedule includes a session in Europe this spring and a second session on the US East Coast in the fall:

* Europe - Sun Campus in Grenoble, France: 10 - 11 May 04
* US, East Coast - Sun Campus in Burlington, MA: 7 - 8 September 04

The sessions will also include the new TCK presentations and JCP communication guidelines segments and - like the February session - will be open to all JCP Members interested in learning about the JCP, as well as Specification Leads, Executive Committee representatives, Expert Group members, and Program and Product Managers.

In addition to an overview of the process, statistics, history of the JCP, the objective for the 2004 JCP Training is to provide attendees with an update on the latest version of the program, JCP 2.6 just launched on March 9 2004. It will present the new tools introduced to help Spec Leads drive the JSR development process more effectively and the process enhancements brought to improve process transparency and participation. The sessions will also explain the transition mechanisms from JCP 2.5 - or prior versions of the process - to JCP 2.6.

"What started out as a JSR training to help Spec Leads understand the JSR process and guide them through the process of developing new specifications has evolved to become a fully-fledged JCP Training and Communication session", said Onno Kluyt, director, JCP PMO. "We are pleased to open up this year's edition to a broader audience to include all interested JCP Members among those who can attend thus responding to the growing interest in the JCP and its activities."

The number of JCP Training attendees has increased year after year with more Spec Leads, EC representatives, EG members choosing to participate in this discussion forum about the JSR Process. The session is a good venue to provide feedback to the PMO, share the experience of Spec Leads and EG Members and exchange ideas. Prospective and future Spec Leads also leverage it to ask questions of experienced Spec Leads.

To find out more about this popular two-day training program, who qualifies to participate, locations, dates, agenda, registration, contact Liz Kiener at or at +1 510 550 4353.