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JCP Community at JavaOne 2011 Looks Forward with Anticipation

Many from the global JCP community showed up at the JavaOne conference held the first week of October 2011 in San Francisco. Those who attended JCP program events had interests in learning about technological advances and connecting face to face with new and old colleagues. Three major points framed much of the JCP members? curiosity and enthusiasm.

First, Oracle's breakthrough of the previous legal impasse had permitted the final releases of JSRs for Java SE 7 platform, as well as new or newly invigorated work on other JSRs. Read more about JSRs in the Spotlight.

Second, the impending revisions of the program, as formalized through JSR 348, Towards a new version of the Java Community Process, clearly addressed the demand for more transparency, participation, and agility at all levels of the community. Read more about Encourages the Community.

Third, the new Java User Group (JUG) members have an active role to play in the JCP program. They are visibly involved at every level of the community. Read more about JUGs Stand Up To Be Counted.

The JCP Program Management Office (PMO) also used the JavaOne conference as a vehicle for introducing new candidates for the upcoming Executive Community (EC) election. Read more about Opportunities to Meet EC Candidates.

Conversations revolving on these points played out in conference rooms, while walking between hotels in The Zone, and at what some say is one of the nicest parties in town. At the annual JCP community event, suspense was relieved over who and what would win the coveted community awards. Read more about The JCP Community Loves a Good Party.

There?s a make-or-break feeling that the community has made it through a rough period, and emerged with a united purpose for the long haul.