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JCP Members Meet and Greet the Press
by Susan MItchell

On Wednesday, May 9, 2007, in San Francisco, California, members of the press gathered in the middle of the JavaOne Conference at Moscone to get the inside scoop on the Java Community Process (JCP) program and the Java Standards Advantage. It's not as though this information is hard to come by. In fact, the program has undergone tremendous change in the last few years to ensure that those outside the program can peer into the inner workings of the overall process and of just about any Expert Group's efforts. And it's always good to chat live and informally about what's new in the program.

A panel of nine JCP members -- Executive Committee (EC) members, Star Spec Leads, and JCP chair Onno Kluyt -- sat shoulder to shoulder on-stage, sharing the limelight with brief, focused comments. Beyond the content of what they said, the way they said it illustrated how this international forum of over 1200 corporations and institutions and many active individuals can set aside competing interests to work toward a shared goal.

Frank Sommers, editor of, launched the discussion by asking about the importance of Java standardization. Panelists, listed below, responded in various ways. Corporations benefit because the group effort is less expensive than going it alone (Jeff Griffin). For developers, standards are a ?solid foundation to build on? (Hani Suleiman), giving them choice and security so that if a vendor quits, a developer can port to another vendor?s products (Linda DeMichiel). Some clients such as the American Department of Defense even demand the use of standards (Jean-Marie Dautelle). Customers are assured that products have strong technical support within the community (Mike DeNicola).

Journalists were invited to ask questions. They span a broad territory starting with querries about JSRs and how far reaching in terms of content they could be, timing of JSR input from the commnunity at large, the relationship between the JCP, the newly announced and formed OpenJDK board, the utility of a one stop shopping portal for Java technology info, and focused on the JCP's future in the closing questions.

Following the event, a cocktail reception gave the press the opportunity to continue the conversation with the panelists. Journalists and panelists enjoyed the event and appreciated the opportunity to have a live dialogue in an informal format about the Java Standards Advantage.

  • Danny Coward

    Danny Coward, SE/EE EC representative for Sun, and Star Spec Lead for JSRs 14, 47, 59, 124, 175, 308

  • Jean-Marie Dautelle

    Jean-Marie Dautelle, individual ME EC representative
  • Linda De Michiel

    Linda DeMichiel, Star Spec Lead representing Sun for JSRs 19, 153, 220
  • Linda De Michiel

    Mike DeNicola, Alternate SE/EE EC representative for Fujitsu
  • Jeff Griffin

    Jeff Griffin, ME EC representative for Sony Ericsson
  • Mark Hornick

    Mark Hornick, Star Spec Lead representing Oracle for JSRs 73, 247
  • Onno Kluyt

    Onno Kluyt, JCP chair, and Spec Lead for JSR 171, 215, 306
  • Sacha Labourey

    Sacha Labourey, Standard Edition (SE)/Enterprise Edition (EE) EC representative for Red Hat Middleware LLC
  • Hani Suleiman

    Hani Suleiman, individual SE/EE EC representative