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Star Spec Lead Profiles

The Java Community Process (JCP) program applauds the community's Star Spec Leads. These leaders earned this honor through their efficient, prompt, and transparent communication with their Expert Group, the Program Management Office (PMO), and the Executive Committee (EC). They used community web pages, observer aliases, and other tools to communicate with their expert group, the JCP program community, and the public. They kept their Java Specification Requests (JSRs) on schedule by making sure their team stayed focused and felt appreciated. The JCP program congratulates and honors these Star Spec Leads.

Jose Cronembold
For a while, the physics of high raise steel buildings held a certain allure for Jose Cronembold as an academic pursuit. Soon his interests gravitated towards writing software tools for building virtual structural models. The tools he worked on integrated computer graphics for 3D modeling, finite elements for the structural modeling, and artificial intelligence for the structural design. Jose's academic work earned him two masters, one in Civil Engineering and the other in Architecture, from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI).

Integrated Development Environments
Over the years, Jose has become ever more enthusiastic about developing easy-to-use integrated software tools. Now a senior development manager at Oracle, he designed and implemented an application framework that serves as the platform for multiple Oracle products, including Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle SQL Developer. These are easy to use integrated development environments (IDEs) for building Java and SQL applications, respectively.

Before joining Oracle, Jose previously worked on several IDEs, including IBM's Visual Age for Basic, and Visual Edge's UIMX for building C++ applications. In 1996, Jose started to work on an IDE for building Java applications, his first project with Java technology. By 2003, he was involved in the JCP program as a Spec Lead for JSR 198, A Standard Extension API for Integrated Development Environments. Currently he is an Observer of JSR 227, A Standard Data Binding & Data Access Facility for J2EE.

Expert Group Formation and Collaboration
As the Spec Lead of JSR 198, Jose made sure that the Expert Group was diverse and included members from companies implementing IDEs and IDE-based products. This made the group international, as several members were from different countries. Once the group was formed, the first order of business was to define the scope of the JSR. To do so, Jose proposed a comprehensive list of JSR specific topics for group discussion. Once the scope was clearly defined, Jose created a roadmap that the group followed to take the JSR to completion.
The discussions among the 20 members of the Expert Group were primarily done through the group mailing list. When necessary, the group also got together for conference calls. On one occasion, when several members of the group were attending the JavaOne Conference in 2004, the group also met in person to resolve some of the issues under discussion. While most of the group participated in the discussions, the actual implementation of the JSR and TCK was done by the Spec Lead and another Oracle employee, Brian Duff, who was also a member of the Expert Group.

Collaborating on the JSR work was greatly simplified by using the private projects. Jose found to be "a great asset for working on a JSR. The source control provided by the site through Concurrent Versioning System (CVS) allowed multiple people to work on a JSR while keeping a versioned history of the progress."

Jose calls the USA, Canada, Bolivia, and Argentina home. He enjoys playing soccer, running, reading science fiction books, and watching a good movie.
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