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Star Spec Lead Profiles

The Java Community Process (JCP) program applauds the community's Star Spec Leads. These leaders earned this honor through their efficient, prompt, and transparent communication with their Expert Group, the Program Management Office (PMO), and the Executive Committee (EC). They used community web pages, observer aliases, and other tools to communicate with their expert group, the JCP program community, and the public. They kept their Java Specification Requests (JSRs) on schedule by making sure their team stayed focused and felt appreciated. The JCP program congratulates and honors these Star Spec Leads.

Shai Gotlib
Shai Gotlib has been hooked on computer science ever since he took that track in high school. Even before finishing his bachelor's degree in mathematics and computer science from Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in Israel, he started working full-time with the startup Applycad. Soon after, he became a senior analyst and architect at the Neurobiology Research Institute of the university where he was still studying. After moving to Amdocs Management Ltd. for a couple of years, he joined AgentSoft as a development project manager, where he began working with Java technology.

Over the years, even while acting as project lead and solution architect, he has continued to code from time to time. His undertakings, over the years, included development projects, integration projects, and prototypes and proofs-of-concept for research projects. These various tasks involved him in all three flavors of Java technology: Enterprise Edition (EE), Standard Edition (SE), and Micro Edition (ME).

In 1998 Shai migrated back to Amdocs where he now works as development director for Qpass, Amdocs Digital Commerce Division. He also leads the Internet Protocol Detail Record (IPDR) Share Information Data (SID) mapping sub-team in the TeleManagement Forum's (TMF) SID Model. When Amdocs became a member of the JCP community in 2002, Shai was put in charge of all Amdocs activity within the JCP program. He tracks the different JSRs and keeps relevant people informed about interesting developments. From time to time, an Amdocs representative will join the Expert Group of a specific JSR or closely monitor a JSR that intrigues them. In 2004, Shai became an Expert Group member of JSR 251, Pricing API.

A year later, Shai inherited the Spec Leadership for JSR 190, Event Tracking API for J2ME, from Allen Lau of Tira Wireless. When his efforts to revive the Expert Group proved successful, he was honored with the title of Star Spec Lead. His strategy for getting things moving included a weekly conference call until the group settled on a solution. By then, the Experts were summarizing and communicating through email, uploading products to the group's private page, and updating the project timeline in the JSR community update page. As the Spec Lead, Shai collects comments and contributions, and he merges them with the specification.

The Expert Group began operating with more transparency after the JCP Program Management Office (PMO) helped move JSR 190 from JCP version 2.1 to version 2.6. Shai sees his role as an enabler, and he runs the group democratically. He says, 'Any changes or updates to the spec is communicated internally in the Expert Group. Whenever a new issue is raised up, we set the proper time for discussion, and then we have a voting period. All decisions were made by the EG using voting.' The group tries to adhere to the schedule they set for themselves. If the timeline changes, Shai communicates it to the Expert Group and to the PMO.

Shai appreciates the passion of the Java community to create standard libraries for almost everything. He says, 'There is no need to reinvent the wheel. You can get help and examples for everything, which makes the development process much more easy and fun. And it continues to be developed through the JCP program.'

When he's not following his love of coding, Shai is likely to be working on a logic quiz or teasing his kids with one. He enjoys playing all kinds of games with his family. He says, 'I love to invest my free time in my wonderful family. It makes me happy to cause my spouse and each of my three children to be happy.' His home is in Modi'in, a new city between Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv.

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