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2012 Star Spec Lead Profiles

The Java Community Process (JCP) program applauds the community's Star Spec Leads. These leaders earned this honor through their efficient, prompt, and transparent communication with their Expert Group, the Program Management Office (PMO), and the Executive Committee (EC). They used community web pages, observer aliases, and other tools to communicate with their expert group, the JCP program community, and the public. They kept their Java Specification Requests (JSRs) on schedule by making sure their team stayed focused and felt appreciated. The JCP program congratulates and honors these Star Spec Leads.

Pete Muir

Since 2007, Pete Muir has been employed by Red Hat, Inc. as a Principal Software Engineer, working on JBoss open source projects and representing Red Hat on JCP projects. He is the Spec Lead of JSR 346, Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java EE 1.1. He also works on Infinispan, an extremely scalable datastore and data grid, and serves as an Expert for the related specifications, JSR 107, JCACHE - Java Temporary Caching API, and JSR 347, Data Grids for the Java Platform. He is also a member of the Expert Group for JSR 316, Java EE 6; JSR 345, EJB 3.2; JSR 330, Dependency Injection for Java; and JSR 314, JavaServer Faces 2.0. Previously, he was the project lead for Seam and Weld, the Reference Implementation and TCK for JSR 299, Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java EE. Pete co-founded Arquillian, a test harness for Java application servers.

"Prior to working with Java, I had worked extensively with ASP 3.5, and was looking for a more maintainable solution, which would allow us to extend the team beyond me. Java's typesafety was a big draw," Pete says. "Combined with Seam, which offered an end-to-end solution to building web applications, Java was the one for me." He is driven to improve developer usability and productivity with the Java EE stack, on JBoss solutions such as JBoss AS.

Traveling from his home in Edinburgh, Scotland, Pete speaks often at JUGs and conferences such as Devoxx, JAX, JSFDays, JBoss World, and the Greater Indian Developer Summit (GIDS) in Bangalore. He has posted some of his presentations on Vimeo (search for Pete Muir), such as his talk on "The Programming Model for EE6." At JavaOne conference 2011, Rick Hightower of InfoQ gave Pete an opportunity to talk about his favorite topic: CDI architecture, as compared to Spring and Guice, and that interview is published here. Pete tweets @plmuir and blogs about Seam, Weld, and Java here.

Pete received an MSc with Distinction in Informatics, specializing in systems and software engineering, and relational and scientific databases, from The University of Edinburgh (2005), which followed his earning a BSc in Physics from Imperial College London (2003). He enjoys listening to music, mountaineering, sailing, politics, and history.

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