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The JCP Program Announced The Newest Star Spec Leads at The JavaOne Conference
WHAT:* The JCP Program Management Office announced last night the community's newest star Spec Leads.
The announcement was made at a dinner offered by the JCP in honor of Spec Leads. Spec Leads fulfill a key role in the Java Community Process (JCP) program, they are the experts responsible for leading the effort to develop or make significant revisions to Specifications and for completing the associated Reference Implementations and Technology Compatibility Kits. Among the participants at the dinner were Onno Kluyt, senior director, JCP Program at Sun Microsystems, Inc. and chair of the JCP, spec leads, other Java technology experts involved with JCP and members of the JCP PMO.

*WHEN:* May 16, 2006, 6:30 p.m. PT

*WHERE:* JavaOne Conference, Argent Hotel, Moscone Room 33rd floor, Spec Leads Dinner

*WHO:* The JCP Program Management Office (PMO) introduced at the 2005 JavaOne Conference as an incentive program to reward and recognize Spec Leads.

*HONOREES:* The newest Star Spec Leads are:

Edward (Ed) Burns, Sun Microsystems, Inc*.
Ed got involved with the JCP program when he became co-Spec Lead of JSR 127, JavaServer Faces, in October 2002, at the beginning of the JSF development lifecycle, and he continued in that role with JSR 252, JavaServer Faces 1.2.

He also served as an Expert for JSR 154, Java Servlet 2.4 Specification, JSR 245, JavaServer Pages 2.1, JSR 273, Design-Time API for JavaBeans JBDT, and JSR 276, Design-Time Metadata for JavaServer Faces Components

"As a technologist at Sun, it is important to keep perspective on the real problem at hand, delivering shareholder value by helping to build great products," says Ed. Following that logic, his interests are not bound strictly to Java technologies, though he underscores that "Java certainly plays an important role. I feel strongly about understanding customer requirements and test driven development. I also feel strongly about leveraging the power of distributed collaborative work groups.
These interests fit nicely with the role of being a JCP Specification Lead."

*Jose Cronembold, Oracle Corporation*
By 2003, Jose was involved in the JCP program as a Spec Lead for JSR 198, A Standard Extension API for Integrated Development Environments. Currently he is an Observer of JSR 227, A Standard Data Binding & Data Access Facility for J2EE.

Collaborating on the JSR work was greatly simplified by using the private projects. Jose found to be "a great asset for working on a JSR. The source control provided by the site through Concurrent Versioning System (CVS) allowed multiple people to work on a JSR while keeping a versioned history of the progress."

*Asko Komsi, Nokia Corporation*
Asko joined the JCP program in 2004 and shortly after becoming a member started to serve as a co-Spec Lead of JSR 248, Mobile Service Architecture (MSA), and JSR 249, Mobile Service Architecture (MSA) Advanced. He is also represents Nokia as an alternate member of the Java Micro Edition (ME) Executive Committee.

As a Spec Lead, Asko believes he is responsible for casting a clear vision of the technology, outlining the requirements to achieve it, and justifying both for the Expert Group. "Once you get buy-in -- after typically lengthy discussions -- it is all about establishing processes to make sure the execution works," he says.

To find out more about this community initiative, the new Star Spec Leads as well as about other Spec Leads previously honored with this distinction, go to