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New Star Spec Leads Announced !

The Java Community Process (JCP ) Program Management Office (PMO) congratulates the 2018 Star Spec Leads--recognizing Spec Lead performance and rewarding exceptional service to the community. The 2018 Star Spec Leads are Ivar Grimstad and Christian Kaltepoth.

The program recognizes top Spec Lead performance, encourage and reward exceptional service to the community. Spec Leads activity are measured against criteria in the two categories outlined below which are tracked by the JCP Program Management Office (PMO), the administrator of the program.

Spec Leads are key to the Java Community Process (JCP) program. Without them, none of the Java Specification Requests (JSRs) would have begun, much less crossed the finish line and become implemented in shipping products.

The JCP PMO introduced a Spec Leads incentive program for the first time at the 2005 JavaOne Conference. Over the past eight years the program rewarded and recognized Spec Leads who repeatedly proved their merit by producing high quality specifications, establishing best practices, and mentoring others. The point of such honor was to endorse good work, showcase successful methods for other Spec Leads to emulate, and motivate JCP program members to become Spec Leads.

The program takes the elements of the original Spec Leads incentives program including the rewards and links them to a better defined set of criteria: Star Spec Leads are selected based on nominations from fellow Spec Leads, Expert Group (EG) members, Executive Committee (EC) members, JCP Community members and PMO staff.
Please email the PMO ( to nominate a Spec Lead as a Star. We encourage you to note exceptional behavior of Spec Leads and send us your nominations along with your evaluation.

Star Spec Leads are not born into the role. They usually grow into it by exceeding the baseline and by bringing exceptional service to the community that reflects positively both on the process and on the community as a whole. The JCP PMO has put together a few sets of criteria against which it will measure its own nominations and as a guideline for what you may want to consider when you make your own Star Spec Leads nominations.

We are excited about the new program and we are looking forward to receiving your nominations!

Spec Lead Process Category (Baseline):
  • Timely responses to EG, PMO and EC concerns
  • EG meetings and sharing of JSR comments on a regular basis
  • Leadership and Team performance (input needs to come from EG)
  • JSR progress, staying on schedule, updating schedule, staying on track and delivering on promises
Spec Lead Communications Category (Baseline):
  • Communication in the EG and w/the PMO
  • Transparency and JSR progress reports (using the tools) - use of community update pages, observer aliases, jsr community or other tool, etc
To encourage greatness in all Spec Leads, the new Star Spec Lead Program will be based on the following criteria as exceptional performance. It is important that Spec Leads and EG members let us know about exceptional behavior observed especially in areas where the PMO usually has no insight.

Spec Lead Process Category (Exceptional):
  • Participating in mentorships
  • Submit tutorial material to publish on
  • Managing unusual obstacles in a JSR, i.e. Spec Lead transfers JSR transfers to different entity, loss of valuable EG members.
  • New, effective and innovative ways to run-manage Egs, i.e. running active and observer groups, having voting rights and duties documented, using a project.
  • Maintaining the expected behavior w/a huge expert group
  • Resurrect stalled JSRs IF THESE ARE NOT THEIR JSRs
  • Dealing w/a politically sticky or tricky situation i.e. mergers and acquisitions, negotiating inclusion into umbrella JSRs
  • Engagement in evangelism in general promoting the importance of standards
Spec Lead Communications Category (Exceptional):
  • Active blogging/mentioning their JSR/JCP standards in their blog (Spec Leads are encouraged to send us links to their blogs)
  • Participate in JCP PMO podcasts or WebEx calls
  • Promoting the JCP and the Community to broader audiences (JUGs, non-Java developers, students and more)
  • Public speaking/presentations that mention standards and the JCP at industry events
  • Contributing articles and becoming a resource for contributed articles about the JCP and JSRs
  • Sharing JSR related news with the Community
  • Utilizing social media consistently including blogging for promoting and attracting support for their JSRs
  • Conducting media interviews about their JSRs

Please email the PMO with any questions about becoming part of this program. Spec Leads are selected based on feedback from Expert Group (EG) members, Executive Committee (EC) members, and PMO staff.