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Spec Lead Guide: Proposed Final Draft (PFD)

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Once the EG agrees that you are ready to go final with the Spec, you will release a Proposed Final Draft. This final draft allows the EC, JCP Members and the Public to review the Spec before it goes to the EC for the Final Approval Ballot. As with previous drafts when submitting this Proposed Final Draft, you need to submit it to the PMO ( via e-mail with the JSR number and "Proposed Final Draft" in the subject line. Please note that submitting the materials for Proposed Final Draft will not start your Final Approval Ballot; the Final Approval Ballot step is a separate milestone.
The PMO will host your draft and provide the export classification and spec license for you. If you wish to have the spec license text to embed in your spec document, please send item #6, below, to beforehand. The license should be provided within 2 business days of receipt.
Please submit all of the following to the PMO via

  1. The Spec, in pdf or zip format (be aware that Javadoc files must be zipped). The PMO will provide a standard evaluation license unless you choose to provide your own.
  2. Either confirmation that the full license terms which will apply to the Final Release specification, Reference Implementation and Technology Compatibility Kit have not changed from what was submitted previously or the full text of the new license terms if they have changed.
  3. An anticipated date when the PMO will receive the materials for the FAB.
  4. The answer to the following questions for each bundle you wish posted as a separate download for the Proposed Final Draft.
    A. Does the specification include software codes
    in the following format:
    Binary : Yes _______ No __________
    Source (compilable) : Yes _______ No __________
    Javadocs : Yes _______ No __________
    B. Do the codes or the spec call on, contain, use
    or demonstrate encryption technology?
    Yes _________ No ________
    If yes, please describe in detail
    The PMO will use this information to update the Export Classification Control Number (ECCN) for you.
  5. The checklist for transparency, with specific answers for your JSR. Include URLs of any other sites or services you use.
  6. The version number of the specific specification document you are submitting, the anticipated release date, and the full corporate name and address of the Spec Lead Member. This will be used to generate the evaluation license for the posting. If you wish to include this in your download bundle(s), please send this information to at least 2 days before submitting the rest of the materials.
Turnaround time: With any public posting of a spec to, the PMO will post the spec and related materials within 10 business days of receiving all the above materials at You may check the status of your Proposed Final Draft submission on the JCP JIRA page, where issues are filed for each JSR milestone submission.
You may choose to post multiple Proposed Final Drafts (PFDs) for your JSR, one after the other, by repeating these steps for each subsequent posting. There is no review period for PFD. Once you have posted your PFD, you may begin work on submitting the materials for your JSR's Final Approval Ballot (FAB). The PMO encourages you to allow enough time between your last PFD posting and the submission of the Final Approval Ballot to allow comments and feedback from the public.

The PMO welcomes suggestions and requests from the Spec Leads for improvements of this guide and the process: