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JSRs: Java Specification Requests
JSR 361: JavaTM ME Embedded Profile

Open Nominations

Nomination Type Full Name Biography Spec Lead Comments Submission date Spec Lead Vote PMO Vote

Approved Nominations

Nomination Type Full Name Biography Spec Lead Comments Submission date Spec Lead Vote PMO Vote
Expert Group Werner Keil Werner Keil is Build Manager at Maersk after working as Agile Coach, Principal Consultant and Distinct Architect for a Financial Services company and emergn, an Agile consultancy specialized in Value, Flow and Quality. Helping Global 500 Enterprises across industries like Mobile/Telco, Web 2.0, Finance, Travel/Logistics, Automotive, Healthcare, Environment & Public Services, as well as IT vendors like Oracle or IBM. Among his earlier clients are Sony where he designed and implemented micro-format based tags its online music portals. He has worked for more than 22 years as a project manager, software architect, analyst and consultant on leading-edge technologies for Banking, Insurance, Telco/Mobile, Media and Public sector. Werner develops enterprise systems using Java, JEE, Oracle, IBM or Microsoft, does Web design and development using Adobe,Ajax/JavaScript, dynamic or functional languages. Besides working for major companies, he runs his own creative and talent agency Creative Arts & Technologies and in his spare time, runs and supports open-source projects, writes song lyrics, novels, screenplays, technical books and articles. Werner is Committer at Eclipse Foundation, Babel Language Champion, UOMo Project Lead and active member of the Java Community Process, including Spec Lead of JSR 357 (Social Media) and membership in JSRs like 321 (Trusted Java), 331 (CP), 333 (JCR), 342 (Java EE 7), 344 (JSF 2.2), 346 (CDI 1.1), 348/355 (, 350 (Java State), 351 (Java Identity) or 354 (Money) and the Executive Committee. Dec 11, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Kimmo Loytana Kimmo has more than 20 years of experience of software development. He holds an M.Sc. degree from Tampere University of Technology. Kimmo was more than 17 years with Nokia where he held various positions in software R&D projects and in technology management. He has been closely involved in applying the Java technology in digital TV and mobile phone products and has been participating in standardization activities in the Java Community Process since the JCP was founded, as well as in other standards bodies. Nov 20, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Stefano Andreani Stefano Andreani started his professional activity in HP Labs in Bristol as a researcher. Afterwards he worked for several years as a consultant for Hutchison Group ("3"), managing the specification process and quality assurance of the application stack of the handsets (and their JVMs). In 2003 he founded OPENTECH, a software development company focused on mobile application development. Stefano holds a MS degree in Computer Science Engineering from the University of Bologna, Italy. Stefano has been involved since 2004 as an Expert in several EGs related to JME, with active contributions as a member of the developers community. Nov 19, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Thomas Lampart please see our recent EC membership information, especially I am the spec lead of JSR228 (IMP-NG) Nov 12, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Roger Riggs Working in Java ME for 12+ Years. Oct 30, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Yagamy Huang I am Senior Engineering Director at Aplix Corporation with more than 10 years of working in Java ME area. He develops first commercial MIDP1 and MIDP2/JTWI stack for Taiwanese phone manufacturers, and leads JBlend product pre-integrated with Qualcomm, MediaTEK, and Infineon mobile platforms. He and his team also built the first MIDP3 reference implementation and technology-compatibility-kit for worldwide mobile phone manufacturers to push next generation MIDP. As spec lead of MIDP2 / MIDP3 spec with lots of embedded-system industry experiences, I'd like to join JSR361 expert group to contribute my knowhow for java on embedded systems. Oct 29, 2012 Y Y
    Spec Lead Vote Legend:
    -Not yet reviewed/pending - The Spec Lead has not processed this nomination
    PProcessing - The Spec Lead has seen the nomination and needs more time to arrive at a decision
    NNo - The Spec Lead has decided that this nominee should not be on the JSR
    YYes - The Spec Lead wants the nominee on the JSR

    PMO Vote Legend:
    -The PMO has not yet voted on this nomination
    PProcessing - The nominee can not yet participate on this JSR, but the legal agreements are being processed
    IIncomplete, Illegible, or Inaccurate nomination
    XAMissing required agreement to participate on this JSR - Addendum (ECA) Required
    XMMissing required agreement to participate on any JSR - Not a JCP Member
    XNot able to be on a JSR - The PMO has determined that this person cannot be on this JSR
    YYes - The PMO views this as a valid nomination with a current Membership in place