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The JCP Program Management Office occasionally contacts the Executive Committee (EC) for guidance on issues relating to the JCP that are not covered by an official JSR ballot. In many of these cases, the PMO will hold a ballot for the EC's recommendation. The results of such ballots are recorded here. For the results of routine JSR ballots: JSR ballot results.
For more information about the function of the Executive Committee, please refer to the JCP document and its Executive Committee’s Standing Rules.
September 2012

The Executive Committee provided guidance on the following JSRs during the week of 4 September - 10 September 2012. During that time, the EC was asked "Should this JSR be listed as dormant? YES or NO?" for the following JSRs: JSR 50, JSR 282, JSR 307, JSR 327, and JSR 328.

On the ME Executive Committee: 10 members voted to list them as dormant, 1 member did not vote. On the SE/EE Executive Committee: 13 members voted to list them as dormant, 3 members did not vote.

Aplix: Yes to all
ARM Ltd: Yes to all
AT&T: -
Azul Systems: Yes to all
Credit Suisse: Yes to all
Deutsche Telekom: Yes to all
Eclipse: Yes to all
Ericsson AB: -
Fujitsu: Yes to all
Goldman Sachs: Yes to all
Google: -
HP: Yes to all
IBM (ME): Yes to all
IBM (SE/EE): Yes to all
Intel: Yes to all
London Java Community: Yes to all
Nokia: Yes to all
Oracle (ME): -
Oracle (SE/EE): Yes to all
Red Hat: Yes to all
RIM: -
SAP: -
Siemens: yes to all
SouJava:; Yes to all
Stefano Andreani: Yes to all
TOTVS: Yes to all
Twitter: Yes to all
Vodafone: Yes to all
Werner Keil: Yes to all