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Spec Lead Guide: Maintenance Review (MR) instructions for JCP 2.8 - 2.10

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This page lists detailed instructions for the Maintenance process for JSRs under JCP 2.8, 2.9, and 2.10. For other versions, or for an overview of the Maintenance process, please return to the Spec Lead Guide: Maintenance Review page.

Listen to the audio tutorial on the Maintenance process for JCP 2.8 - 2.10 JSRs.

For a Maintenance Review, you will need to submit all of the following to the PMO ( via e-mail, specifying the JSR number, and "Maintenance Review" in the subject line:

  1. The URL of your Issue List (a list of all suggestions you received for the specification from the public, as well as your rationale for including or excluding these suggestions from your specification)
  2. The summary of changes you intend to make to the specification. This can be a diff between the version of the specification from the last milestone and the updated specification, or it can be a list of proposed changes.
  3. The length of the Review. If you do not specify a length, it will default to 30 calendar days, the normal minimum. There are, however, certain situations - such as when the scope of changes is very small, or simply involves typo corrections - where a Maintenance Lead would desire a shorter Maintenance Review. In such a case, you may ask for an exception to have a "short review" of only 14 days. In addition, during the Maintenance Review you can request to extend the length of the review (whether it is a short review or not) by sending mail to at least two days before the scheduled end date (90 days is the maximum).
  4. A description of your communication channel - how the community can provide feedback on the proposed changes
  5. The revised final licenses for the RI and TCK (or the URL where they were posted previously and confirmation that they are unchanged from those)
  6. The date by which you commit to deliver the Maintenance Release materials to the PMO

The PMO takes the information you provide and posts it to the web site. When it is ready, the Maintenance Review is announced to the community and the Executive Committee. At the next Tuesday after the review closes, a one-week Maintenance Review ballot begins.

If the Executive Committee approves the ballot, Maintenance Release can commence. If the Executive Committee rejects the ballot, the changes are not approved, the specification, RI and TCK are not revised, and the Maintenance Release materials should not be submitted to the PMO. In such a case, you are welcome to prepare for another Maintenance Review.

In JCP 2.8 and newer, the Maintenance Lead provides his/her own date for when the Maintenance Release materials will be provided to the PMO (assuming the EC approves the ballot). If the Maintenance Lead misses his/her own deadline, the EC holds a Maintenance Renewal Ballot to determine whether the Maintenance Review is invalidated or not.

Here are the materials you will need to provide for a Maintenance Release by the deadline you submitted in the Maintenance Review earlier:

  1. The revised final Specification, in pdf or zip format (be aware that Javadoc files must be zipped).
  2. the URL of the publicly accessible Reference Implementation (or public accessible instructions on how to access the RI)
  3. the URL of the publicly accessible Technology Compatibility Kit (or publicly accessible instructions on how to access the TCK)
  4. The answer to the following questions, provided separately for each specification file you provide for posting.
    A. Does the specification include software codes
    in the following format:
    Binary : Yes _______ No __________
    Source (compilable) : Yes _______ No __________
    Javadocs : Yes _______ No __________
    B. Do the codes or the spec call on, contain, use
    or demonstrate encryption technology?
    Yes _________ No ________
    If yes, please describe in detail
    The PMO will use your answers to update the Export Classification Control Number (ECCN) with the US State Department for the posting of the Maintenance Release specification.
  5. The version number of the specific specification document you are submitting, the anticipated release date, and the full corporate name and address of the Spec Lead Member. This will be used in the final specification license.
  6. The name and contact information of the Maintenance Lead
  7. The URL of the updated Issue List
  8. An answer to the question: Do you intend to continue developing this Specification through Maintenance Reviews or a follow-on JSR?
Updating the materials during the review: It's possible to alter the proposed changes during the review; sometimes early feedback from the community points to additional issues. You may submit updated materials to with the subject line "Update to JSR XXX Maintenance Review" at any point during the review up to 10 days before the ballot is to begin. After that deadline, you may only post updates to the review materials if you first extend the length of the review.

Turnaround time: With any public posting of a spec to, the PMO will post the spec and related materials within 3 business days of receiving all the above materials at You may check the status of your Maintenance Review or Maintenance Release submission on the JCP JIRA page, where issues are filed for each JSR milestone submission.

The PMO welcomes suggestions and requests from the Spec Leads for improvements of this guide and the process: