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Profiles of JCP Program Members

The Java Community Process (JCP) comprises diverse people sharing a common goal. These brief profiles reflect the personal face of the JCP program participants who have proven their intense interest in Java technology by running for the Executive Committee. Take a peek to discover both the outstanding and regular aspects of what they do within and beyond this community.

Awais Bajwa
Awais Bajwa, of Lahore, Pakistan, was introduced to the Java language when he worked on his Master of Computer Sciences (MCS) degree. From the beginning, he was struck with its openness, the fact that "anyone can share it with the right knowledge." For the final school project of his second Masters degree -- MS in Computer Sciences with a Specialization in Software Engineering -- he had the option of implementing in either Visual Basic or the Java language. Awais chose the latter, won a prize that earned him a teaching slot on campus, and convinced course administrators to fulfill market needs by making Java Web programming a compulsory subject.
Besides being a two-fold Master, Awais is working toward his jack-of-all-Java-related-trades designation as well. Nicon Private Limited, the first company he applied to post-university, hired him immediately in 2000 as a Java trainer and Java software developer. In the years since, Awais also taught Java technologies in five major colleges in Lahore as an external project advisor, and he co-authored Java at Ease, published by Nicon press in Pakistan. Now a senior software engineer managing a team of fifteen for Innovative Private Limited, his first projects involved Java technology in the desktop environment but moved into banking and financial solutions and then into the integration of system-to-system communications and Web-based systems.
"So I've tasted almost all flavors of Java. I just didn't work in [Java 2 Platform] Micro Edition. Otherwise I've worked in almost every Java technology – Java ServerPages, Enterprise JavaBeans [EJB], Enterprise and Standard Editions," says Awais. "I love to learn. I love to explore new horizons in distributed computing, especially leveraging EJB component architecture. I have a great interest in designing reusable Frameworks and making the best use of already available Design Patterns, both at presentation and backend tiers."
Awais only recently hopped aboard the Java Community Process (JCP), joining as an individual. "Obviously I knew about the JCP for the last two or three years because I knew that this is the professional body that is making all the Java standards. Then I joined one year ago and got to know about this community as a member." Awais is deepening his involvement by applying as observer of Java Specification Request (JSR) 220 EJB 3.0, and he plans to participate as an expert member in the near future.
This man likes to get outside the box, too. Gardening and sports, including baseball, cricket, and soccer, rank high on his list of Fun Things To Do. He played in the sixth national baseball championship and plays cricket regularly on weekends in a local cricket club. He enjoys listening to music, especially live bands.
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