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Profiles of JCP Program Management Office Staff

The Java Community Process (JCP) program runs smoothly thanks to the dedication of the Program Management Office (PMO) staff. These individuals bring not only a wealth of diverse technical, academic, and personal training and experience to the task of nurturing the community, but they also share a passionate enthusiasm for Java technology and the community that is evolving it.

Harold Ogle
Harold Ogle is the longest standing PMO staff member. Originally contracted to help out as a temporary worker in February 2000, he proved his worth and in just a couple of months was permanently hired by Susan Roach, manager of the PMO at the time, making Harold the second member of the PMO.
Harold Ogle
Now a program manager, Harold assists spec leads in following JCP procedures, primarily by answering questions, providing training, and posting web updates and Java Specification Request (JSR) materials on He also serves as the primary conduit for sending messages to the jcp-interest list. These announcements typically mention when JSRs reach various development milestones, as well as other items of interest to the community. Harold attends every Executive Committee (EC) meeting to record all action items and main discussion points. After preparing all the materials for EC balloting each week, Harold emails an announcement to the EC with links to the items that will be voted on and the ballots themselves. The B.A. in English that Harold obtained from San Jose State University in California has come in handy for these writing tasks. He is pleased have a part in the development of the JCP as a recognized and respected standards group. When he discusses his work, he likes to tell people about the framework of the JCP program, to explain how expert groups are formed, and to describe some of the specifications developed within the community.
A native Californian, Harold loves writing, doing ministry work for the Vineyard Christian Fellowship, hiking, acting, tennis, film-making, voice-over production, and game design, and he once was a disc jockey. His hikes are typically in the San Francisco East Bay areas of Sunol, Mission Peak, and Coyote Hills. Outside of the occasional video project, he hasn't had the opportunity to act much in the last few years, though in the past he has performed as part of the Calaveras Repertory Theater.
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