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2004 JCP Awards Ceremony
Java ProRecognizes Two Best Contributors

And the winner is...
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Doug Lea
Bill Pugh
Joshua Bloch (Sun)
Roberto Chinnici (Sun)
Linda DeMichiel (Sun)
Mark Hornick (Oracle)
Tolga Capin (Nokia)
Zhiqun Chen (Sun)
Jon Ellis (Sun)
Roger Riggs (Sun)
Mark Young (Sun)
JSR 166 Concurrency Utilities
Enterprise JavaBeansTM 3.0
The Groovy Programming Language
Wireless Messaging API 2.0
Content Handler API
Advanced Multimedia

Digital Set Top Box Profile

During the community event, various groups took possession of the microphone to share announcements of more awards and other happy news.

Onno Kluyt, director of the JCP PMO and Jini Program, Sun, appeared stunned to discover he was being honored for Best Individual or Group Contribution to The Java Community. It only makes sense to recognize Kluyt's successful efforts to evolve the JCP over the past few years, while maintaining the delicate balance between Sun's interests and those of the rest of the JCP community. Jim Fawcette, CEO of Fawcette Technical Publications, presented the award on behalf of Java Pro, an independent magazine.

It is a surprise and an honor to receive such an award, " said Onno. "Ever since its start 5 years ago the JCP does its best to find a good balance between the needs of the original contributor and the needs of the community. It is great to be part of this unique experiment."
Onno Kluyt, Director JCP PMO and Jini Program

At the same time, Craig McClanahan, architect, Sun Java Studio Creator, Sun, was awarded Best Individual or Group Contribution to Java Technology.

According to editor Kay Keppler, Java Pro underscored the significance of the annual Java Communities in Action event by using the venue to present its own Java community awards. A panel of Java Pro editors had selected the winners.