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2004 JCP Awards Ceremony
Spotlight on Jini Community, JXTA Community,

And the winner is...
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Doug Lea
Bill Pugh
Joshua Bloch (Sun)
Roberto Chinnici (Sun)
Linda DeMichiel (Sun)
Mark Hornick (Oracle)
Tolga Capin (Nokia)
Zhiqun Chen (Sun)
Jon Ellis (Sun)
Roger Riggs (Sun)
Mark Young (Sun)
JSR 166 Concurrency Utilities
Enterprise JavaBeansTM 3.0
The Groovy Programming Language
Wireless Messaging API 2.0
Content Handler API
Advanced Multimedia

Digital Set Top Box Profile

All over the room, spontaneous conversations took place among the hundreds of assembled guests. Every half hour or so, the lively background music faded to allow a different group or community to make an informative announcement, along with a drawing for a door prize.

Helen Chen, manager of the JXTA community, spotlighted cool success stories, such as the open source project by Jacknet, a web conferencing tool by Brevient Technologies, a grid computation ability by Codefarm, and an application that syncs all data by PeerCom in Korea.

Jennifer Kotzen of the Jini community took her mike on the floor, where she acquainted the audience with dynamic networking technology users such as Orbitz.

Bruno Souza spokesperson Bruno Souza, a developer and publisher, drew attention to his cause by wearing a large Brazilian flag-cape. He encouraged all Java community members to "bring your user group to" The community of Java users groups may be barely a year old, but it can in no way be called fledgling, considering that its membership has already reached 50,000. Souza introduced leaders of flourishing user groups in Scandinavia, France, Brazil, and Dallas to show how has expanded to broadly encompass international populations.