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2004 JCP Awards Ceremony
JCP Member of the Year

And the winner is...
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Doug Lea
Bill Pugh
Joshua Bloch (Sun)
Roberto Chinnici (Sun)
Linda DeMichiel (Sun)
Mark Hornick (Oracle)
Tolga Capin (Nokia)
Zhiqun Chen (Sun)
Jon Ellis (Sun)
Roger Riggs (Sun)
Mark Young (Sun)
JSR 166 Concurrency Utilities
Enterprise JavaBeansTM 3.0
The Groovy Programming Language
Wireless Messaging API 2.0
Content Handler API
Advanced Multimedia

Digital Set Top Box Profile

The corporate or individual member who made the most significant positive impact on the community in the past year earns the equivalent of MVP (Most Valuable Player) recognition. In pursuing candidates for the JCP Member of the Year, Executive Committee (EC) members nominated those who displayed the qualities of leadership, investment in the community, and innovation. Worthy candidates included:
  • Apache
  • IBM
  • Doug Lea (Individual Member) - Winner
  • Bill Pugh (Individual Member)
Bill Pugh (left) with Aaron Williams, accepts award for Doug Lea.

At the community event, when Williams announced Lea had won, Pugh strode forward to claim the crystal plaque on Lea's behalf. Known as Lea's good friend, Pugh also proved Lea's strongest advocate, repeatedly calling him "amazing" for his willingness to serve on eleven expert groups and present at innumerable conferences.

Besides winning the election to extend his term of service on the EC, Lea acted this year as spec lead for JSR 166 Concurrency Utilities (also up for an award), a trailblazing model for the kind of transparency now required by JCP 2.6 rules. Moreover, Lea was one of the first individual members to join the JCP, and his efforts helped open the door for what has become a flood of individual members now comprising about half the JCP community.

Although Lea points to "other people [such as] the Apache folks" as being "more deserving of it," there is no question that Lea merits this award. Still, Lea says, "I think I get too much publicity for [my accomplishments within the JCP]. People like to point at individuals rather than groups, but the story of the JCP is the story of groups that sometimes work, and when they work, they do good things.